Agreement Express: A new disruptor in the payments ecosystem

Since the acquisition by Frontier Growth, Agreement Express has pursued a transformative customer-led strategy that has brought high ROI to fast growing merchant acquirers across the nation.

For many years, ISOs have tried to match their merchant acquisition process to the high expectations of merchants and struggled navigating this challenge with an ever changing compliance landscape. One of the first moves in 2019, when David O’Brien became CEO, was to launch the Agreement Express Payments Advisory Council to align strategy with the market, which highlighted the rapid pace of change in the industry driving a need for fast and flexible solutioning.

“A lot was learned in the early years of the company, the vision was very sound. So, we got to work transforming the company into a disruptive powerhouse delivering proven results that help our customers hit their ambitious goals,” says O’Brien. Led by Frontier Growth, Agreement Express went to work building a white-labeled solution to accelerate success for changemakers in the United States.

Agreement Express’s secret sauce lies in unifying the boarding, underwriting and monitoring needs and “focusing on bringing a highly configurable, quick-to-deploy solution that is seamless for the merchants and easy for the ISO,” says CEO David O’Brien.

Merchant ScanXpress, the core KYC, AML, and underwriting automation product, boasts a library of 100+ scoring rules and integrations to third party vendors out-of-the-box that can be setup to an acquirer’s or sponsor bank’s desired risk profile and needs with just a few clicks.

“With programmed scoring, our results are consistent and repeatable, allowing us to focus our time on growing our business” – Alice Dassau, Complete Merchant Solutions.

Since its launch, Merchant ScanXpress has evolved to include periodic reviews throughout the merchant lifecycle. This evolution is the logical next step as Agreement Express becomes the end-to-end merchant risk management platform of choice for payments companies and further helps risk-bearing payments providers detect fraud before incurring losses or fines.

“Automation is critical to keeping up with our business demands, and Agreement Express’s technology has really allowed us to get there.” – Terry Monteith, BlueSnap

“Our plan is to continue expanding our reach and allow payments providers across the globe to bring down merchant acquisition costs while staying in their desired risk level”, says O’Brien. “We look for firms to partner with that understand how leveraging intelligent risk automation is a game changer to their risk management and growth opportunities. There are truly no limits.”

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