AlertEnterprise: Building True Security Convergence

Jasvir Gill

Founder & CEO

“The biggest trend in security is cyber-physical convergence, and we’re the only provider that unifies across cyber, physical and OT systems. This delivers a truly holistic approach and foundation for digital and physical zero-trust models.”

Digital transformation has become a necessity for organizations to remain competitive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape by allowing businesses to streamline operations, improve customer experience, and innovate products and services to meet changing market demands. Successful digital transformation requires embracing change, encouraging collaboration and innovation, and fostering a digital-first mindset at all levels. In the actual new reality of digital transformation, cloud computing, AI and the hybrid work model, organizations are wasting valuable resources and increasing risk with one-dimensional legacy frameworks for governance, risk mitigation and compliance (GRC). Security is long overdue for a digital transformation, and that’s where AlertEnterprise is creating a difference with the belief that the changing threat landscape requires a change to conventional thinking and a new approach. A new approach that drives businesses to empower organizations with real-time data insights so they can do more with less, create engaging employee experiences, increase compliance and reduce risk.

AlertEnterprise is leading a GRC transformation with the only platform that delivers a three-dimensional approach to unifying IT, OT and physical security to create one converged solution for secure, compliant, cost-saving and friction-free Total Workforce Management and Access. At AlertEnterprise, digital identity and trust are at the center of everything the company does and core to its Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solutions. “The biggest trend in security is cyber-physical convergence, and we’re the only provider that unifies across cyber, physical and OT systems. This delivers a truly holistic approach and foundation for digital and physical zero-trust models,” explains Jasvir Gill, Founder & CEO, AlertEnterprise.

A True Business Enabler
As the only SaaS provider to connect physical security, IT, OT and HR systems, AlertEnterprise helps businesses empower their workforce and unlock new levels of business with a zero-trust, cyber-physical platform for identity, access governance and security. The company is on a mission to bring people, processes, data and technology together in a unique way to help organizations protect what matters most. The team calls it security convergence. AlertEnterprise develops game-changing security convergence solutions that deliver identity governance, access management, security intelligence and compliance validation across enterprise IT, HR, cyber and physical security environments. .

The AlertEnterprise platform enables customers to leverage their current investments in IT such as SAP, Oracle, Workday and ServiceNow. Physical security investments include LenelS2, Tyco SoftwareHouse, Honeywell, Avigilon, Brivo and 200+ more out-of-the-box connectors. AlertEnterprise facilitates frictionless onboarding and offboarding, along with comprehensive workforce lifecycle management. This approach not only reduces costs but also mitigates risks such as insider threats. In doing so, it transforms security from being a cost center to acting as a true business enabler. .

By connecting HR, IT, cyber and physical security, and delivering powerful self-service workflows across the workforce (for employees, contractors and visitors), the company’s customers automate at minimum 75% of all identity and access-related requests and processes, boosting productivity and saving millions of dollars. AlertEnterprise has helped companies within various industries, such as healthcare, finance, automotive, aviation and mining. An interesting instance is when the team assisted the Mosaic Company. The client implemented a new identity access management system, which allowed them to automatically use security access data to validate contractor time on site – and compare these figures to hours billed by each contractor. The company has identified between 70 and 90 million dollars in potential cost savings in North America alone through the prevention of overbilling.

Another interesting success story is when AlertEnterprise assisted the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It deployed Airport Guardian cyber-physical security software to deliver a new level of converged security, identity and access intelligence, and enhanced customer experience across IT, physical and OT systems. The platform provides identity credentialing and automated badging solutions for onboarding, offboarding, change of access and termination, as well as risk-based insider threat protection.

Laying the Foundation
AlertEnterprise was born from the insights gleaned from the last company Gill founded, VIRSA Systems, which was acquired by SAP in 2006. With over 6,000 global GRC customers, VIRSA's expertise in preventing financial fraud and theft and ensuring real-time SOX compliance with SOD controls gave a deep understanding of what CIOs, CFOs and CROs value most in a security solution. Using the direct feedback and experiences of its Fortune 100 customers at VIRSA, the team crafted the initial vision for AlertEnterprise. These VIRSA customers highlighted the need for an all-encompassing security platform that bridged the digital-physical gap and could keep pace in an increasingly digital world: A solution that didn't just respond to threats but also proactively safeguarded operations. “We made this vision a reality when we developed AlertEnterprise Guardian, a unified platform that transforms security from a daunting challenge into a seamless, beneficial process. With our innovative solution, companies are not just surviving in the face of cyber threats – they are thriving. In essence, AlertEnterprise carries forward VIRSA's legacy of top-tier security solutions, shaping the future with secure digital transformation at its core,” adds Gill.

Committed to Continuous Innovation
Since opening its doors, AlertEnterprise has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge security solutions to its clientele. Innovation represents a significant portion of the AlertEnterprise value proposition. Over the years, the team has continuously expanded its product offerings by leveraging the latest developments in AI, cloud and mobile computing. With the help of customers, product development and customer success teams, the company works continuously to enhance its platform, ensuring it remains a catalyst for companies' secure digital transformation and total workforce experience.

The company’s mission control and customer success team ensure deployment success and an ongoing roadmap for 360-degree security, so companies continue to experience high-level security and productivity as the security landscape evolves. “As part of our evolution plan, we are expanding our partnerships with SAP and ServiceNow, effectively bringing the AlertEnterprise Guardian platform to global markets and helping customers take their SAP and ServiceNow investments to a whole new level with secure, safe, compliant, cost-saving and friction-free Total Workforce Management,” concludes Gill.