Appranix: The Leader in Cloud Resilience

Govind Rangasamy

Founder & CEO

“With our Dual Vault Cloud Time Machine architecture, Appranix automatically discovers and maps all the application dependencies, vaults cloud infrastructure backup to an immutable cloud vault away from the production cloud of the customer”

As technology advances and the cloud computing landscape evolves, several trends have emerged in the realm of cloud resilience. Unlike traditional applications, cloud applications are distributed, auto-scaled, and dynamic as the cloud environments go through changes frequently. Moreover, the complexity of the hyperscale platforms introduces challenges to cloud operations teams to recover from ransomware attacks or cloud region failures. Organizations find it hard to recover and rebuild these complex environments. However, it has been widely noted that cloud-enabled organizations struggle to rebuild their application environments from outages. This is in addition to the fact that cloud automation systems do not perform recoveries as they do not possess the tech or the exact know-how to back up data and cloud infrastructure. On the other hand, existing backup and DR systems were designed with the datacenters in mind and they do not understand cloud applications well. This is where Appranix—a cloud-native backup and recovery solutions provider—is helping businesses thwart the challenges associated with cloud environments. As a SaaS-based platform, Appranix is a pioneer in enabling enterprises to recover rapidly from cloud application outages to improve resilience.

As the leader in cloud resilience, Appranix not only backs-up application data but also protects all the environment meta-data as immutable copies. Appranix codifies the application's cloud resources, dependencies, and data copies for hyperfast recovery of the entire application environment from cloud outages, relieving humans of manual intervention. “Our patented system enables organizations to recover from many different cloud outages. With our Dual Vault Cloud Time Machine architecture, Appranix automatically discovers and maps all the application dependencies, vaults cloud infrastructure backup to an immutable cloud vault away from the production cloud of the customer,” adds Govind Rangasamy, Founder & CEO, Appranix. At the same time, their application data backup will be vaulted to another immutable vault to avoid a single point of failure. Using these two vaults, Appranix’s unique Recovery-as-Code mechanism automatically writes the code to rebuild environments in any region of the cloud at any point-in-time from golden copies of data and cloud infrastructure.

The dynamic nature of cloud applications needs an innovative resilience model as opposed to the traditional models of backup and recovery. Appranix is one such cutting-edge offering. What makes it really a game changer is the fact that Appranix requires no agent to install or software to provision, thanks to its SaaS-based architecture. Customers can directly subscribe to Appranix on the cloud marketplaces and realize value in under 15 minutes similar to other cloud services. Making it a seamless process for businesses, Appranix is the only cloud-native DRaaS provider offering 24/7 cloud infrastructure backup, cloud-native data backup, and replication and recovery-as-code. Appranix distinguishes itself from competitors by providing more than traditional data backup and disaster recovery solutions for data resilience. Instead, the company offers distributed hyper-scale cloud application resilience, addressing client concerns regarding data safety in scenarios involving the accidental loss or targeted attacks.

An instance that portrays Appranix’s value proposition is when the company assisted EssilorLuxottica in building a solid foundation for its cloud initiatives. EssilorLuxottica needed a cloud-native, application-centric, entire Azure environment recovery solution that is fast, completely automated, and maintenance-free. They did not want to be in a continuous upgrade cycle with agents and data management product changes. Appranix protects all Essilor environment resources against data loss, cloud misconfigurations, cloud failures, ransomware attacks, and other unplanned failures. Appranix automatically discovers all the resources continuously across all the subscriptions including virtual machines, scale sets, load balancers, databases, VNets, security groups, and much more.

Since opening its doors, Appranix has been creating some of the most innovative solutions that are helping businesses redefine the way cloud-recovery works. Over the years, the company has bagged several awards and recognitions that make them an outstanding service provider to all those businesses relying on cloud-based services. The company was recognized by Gartner back in 2020 for cloud resilience. “We have been promoting Cloud Application Resilience for several years since 2017. A number of Gartner articles mentioned us as an innovator and a leader in cloud resilience solutions,” explains Rangasamy.

Today, Appranix is growing across many regions through distributors and partners. “We have been present in North America for a number of years since 2018. We have just expanded to Australia and NZ. We have distributors and partners in Europe. We just recruited a distributor for South Africa. We have many System Integrators selling our product as a managed service or direct resellers. We are open to recruiting in many other regions in Europe and Asia,” concludes Rangasamy.