BH Compliance: Streamlining Corporate Governance & Compliance

Susana Sierra


“BH Compliance is not a consulting firm, we measure the effectiveness of corporate governance practices, allowing companies to evaluate and verify the efficacy of their good practices, in addition to facilitating the early detection of possible gaps to correct them on time.”

A proactive compliance solution provider plays a crucial role in helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulations, laws, and industry standards. In a rapidly evolving business environment, where regulatory frameworks are becoming more stringent and intricate, being proactive in compliance is no longer just an option—it's a necessity. Staying compliant with relevant laws and regulations is not only about adhering to ethical standards but also about avoiding legal and financial repercussions. Compliance failures can severely damage an organization's reputation and erode trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders. This is in addition to the fact that regulatory landscapes are constantly evolving, with new laws and standards emerging regularly. A proactive compliance provider keeps abreast of these changes and helps organizations adapt their practices accordingly, ensuring continued compliance and minimizing disruptions. Proactive compliance helps organizations identify potential risks and violations before they escalate, reducing the likelihood of costly fines, penalties, and legal disputes. This is where BH Compliance comes into the picture. BH Compliance is an external and independent team of professionals dedicated to assessing and monitoring your business’s regulatory aspects, corporate integrity, and governance.

Elevating Efficiency
In a world where compliance requirements are increasingly intricate and non-compliance can have severe consequences, a proactive compliance solution provider serves as a valuable partner in safeguarding an organization's integrity, reputation, and long-term success. They help organizations proactively identify, address, and mitigate risks, ensuring a sustainable and compliant business environment. BH Compliance offers solutions to measure the effectiveness of corporate governance components, allowing companies to evaluate and verify the efficacy of their good practices, in addition to facilitating the early detection of possible gaps in order to correct them in a timely manner. The company use cutting-edge technology that, together with an expert team, ensures that the compliance programs implemented by companies and the sustainable actions of corporate governance are real and comply with regulatory requirements. BH Compliance have regional coverage, providing visibility to the parent company on how business is being conducted in each of its subsidiaries. “BH Compliance is not a consulting firm, we measure the effectiveness of corporate governance practices, allowing companies to evaluate and verify the efficacy of their good practices, in addition to facilitating the early detection of possible gaps to correct them on time.”

The company offers Comply Pulse and G-Metrix. Comply Pulse ensures that compliance programs work, measuring their effectiveness and allowing the compliance officer and top management to visualize and correct gaps, generating evidence in blockchain, that protects the company and improves the bottom line. Its gap analysis stage seeks to asses the level of adequacy of the compliance program, evidencing the degree of compliance and risk mitigation, in order to close any gaps that may exist. BH Compliance’s platform allows continuous monitoring of all its subsidiaries from anywhere in the world, and gives visibility of how the company is carrying out its processes. “Our methodology consists of an initial setup that includes a Diagnostic Report, a Compliance Report, and Certification. This is followed by a follow-up phase to review compliance with the observed controls. Both stages are carried out on the platform.” With BH Compliance, the client will have access to a list of all the tests performed and the final compliance result. This provides clients with a clear and comprehensive overview of their compliance performance, allowing them to track their progress and identify any areas that may need improvement.

G-Metrix is a powerful tool that brings visibility to a company’s corporate actions and provides. a clear roadmap for advancing towards better governance and achieving the highest standards of corporate excellence. Through a technological platform G-Metrix helps to measure, diagnose and validate business corporate governance. As a result, customers can upload the company’s corporate governance policies and evidence involving all the key actors of the organization. “We review policies, procedures and practices to verify the accuracy of the information and identify key risks. We diagnose the overall performance of the company in order to achieve best international standards.”

Embracing Innovation
Blockchain technology can significantly aid businesses in enhancing their crime prevention initiatives in the context of compliance. The ongoing oversight of the organizations' compliance programs produces the proof that their internal and external checks, processes, and compliance are effective and being followed. End-to-end encryption is used to save this data in the blockchain, which is done in a decentralized manner by recording identical copies in several locations. By doing this, the data is sealed, guaranteeing its integrity and prohibiting its modification. This lowers the possibility of fraud or evidence fabrication, systemsatizes best practices, and ensures greater transparency and traceability of the processes. Through blockchain, a digital fingerprint is created for all the evidence generated. It is unalterable, and will ensure the integrity of the data years after it has been collected, increasing the value of the compliance program and acting as a shield of protection for the company and its board of directors. Thus, in the event that a company is involved in a corruption case, it can defend itself, demonstrating the evidence collected, which will be credible throughout the world, because it can be demonstrated that it was generated and safeguarded without modifications. Therefore, compliance and blockchain are the perfect match to fight corruption, helping companies to ensure their processes in a more transparent and efficient way, and ensuring that the information is unalterable. BH Compliance uses blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of the data generated through its clients’ compliance programs, protecting companies against bad practices and proving that they have done everything possible to prevent corruption.

As a company, BH Compliance is committed to promoting robust corporate governance to guide ethical behavior in companies, enabling them to fight corruption and implement sustainable practices led by their senior management. They are convinced of the fundamental role of the private sector in the development of a society where a culture of doing things well prevails, understanding that how results are achieved is as or more important than the result itself. The team also envision to instill the importance that what is not measured is not managed, and urge organizations to detect the gaps that lead to bad practices.