Bolstering the Footprint

As humans, we are bestowed with some great powers in terms of both mental and physical sense. These powers have, so far, propelled us towards unimaginable heights, but all that came at a heavy expense. You see, in order to retain the efficiency of our skill-set, we must replenish it on a consistent basis or else it will go stagnant in no time. Over the years, we have seen the said claim getting validated time and time again. One area, however, where it ended up ringing factual in the most devastating fashion was our regulatory industry. Founded solely to lead the way and establish order across the board, regulatory industry has naturally been a little reluctant to conform to any other forces. Hence, when technology arrived on the scene, it started an ideological war for the ages. Even though the regulators were losing this right from the start, it didn’t become that big of a gap until rule breakers hiding behind technology began to negatively affect others through their actions. While such actions turned into a recurring theme, the governing forces, which were essentially there to protect everyone, morphed into a more helpless version of their selves. Fortunately, though, as it looks like, a much-needed change is finally on the horizon. Understanding the meritorious nature of technology’s importance today, the regulators are now striving for a healthier association with the creation, and a recent announcement does a lot to verify this new stance.

Washington has officially instituted a new law, which mandates everyone who is selling their house to make an internet service disclosure. According to certain reports, the relevant details regarding your internet service are to be provided alongside other critical information, including plumbing, insulation, and possible structural defects. You don’t have to give a lowdown on access speeds or overall quality, but there is an obligation to mention your service provider. Following the submission of disclosure documents, the purchaser will have a three-day long breathing space, and if during that time they reach a decision to back out, they can do so without facing any ramifications whatsoever.

The new law is specifically designed to complement the growing need of internet within our lives. In fact, since Covid 19 struck and sent us hibernating, we have only become more reliant on the digital realm, using it for completing literally every single task. However, despite internet taking on such a pivotal role, many people in America still lack a clear access to baseline broadband speeds, with the Federal Communications Commission pegging the number over 14 million. Washington’s call certainly has the potential to make a big dent in that figure.

Apart from Washington State, companies like Google, Meta, and SpaceX have also made a push to expand internet footprint on the back of subsidized connections. Spearheading all these efforts would be a $65 billion commitment from the US government towards bolstering broadband access throughout the country.


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