Compliance & Risks: The Comprehensive Compliance Management Solution

Trish Butler


“We offer a powerful, comprehensive, enterprise solution built in the cloud, that’s easy to use and unrivaled in the market”

Cybersecurity is a growing area of concern for companies due to regulation growth around the world, with many countries laying down framework regulations establishing rules to protect consumers, society in general and governments from the different types of cyber vulnerabilities that are becoming more prevalent in today’s connected world. Moreover, compliance and regulations are always changing, making it a challenging task to keep on top of regulatory changes and their impact. However, compliance has never been a complicated challenge to the clients of Compliance & Risks (C&R)—a product compliance management solution provider that enables businesses to achieve uninterrupted market access with SaaS software, regulatory coverage, and a team of experts. C&R is providing comprehensive market access solutions by simplifying the world of product compliance. At C&R, the team has the right tools, regulatory content, and expertise to help every business to unlock market access, protect revenue and elevate the role of compliance. “We offer a powerful, comprehensive, enterprise solution built in the cloud, that’s easy to use and unrivaled in the market. Our software, regulatory content, and a team of subject matter experts provide the most comprehensive coverage of regulations & help companies achieve uninterrupted market access,” begins Trish Butler, Chief Marketing Officer, Compliance & Risks.

What makes C&R stand out from the crowd is its C2P offering—an AI-powered, comprehensive enterprise SaaS solution that facilitates businesses to take control of regulatory changes and prove product compliance in over 195 countries worldwide. In a nutshell, C2P monitors all relevant regulations around the world and helps companies manage the impact of regulatory changes on their business and products with built-in tools to manage the impact of regulatory changes all the way through to product compliance. C2P is the only global market access platform that contextually links both Regulations & Standards together in one powerful, enterprise-ready application. “With access to the most relevant Standards for your products, integrated with the Regulations that reference them, we alert you of new and changing Standards allowing you to assess their relevance and manage the impact throughout your organization. C2P, backed up by our team of regulatory experts, continually monitor’s regulatory changes around the world and with our AI based probability analysis, you can keep ahead of proposed changes with 96% accuracy,” extols Butler.

C2P offers a Requirements Management solution that helps the compliance team capture, analyze and manage all Requirements impacting an organization’s products and markets. With ‘live-links’ to Regulations, Standards, and Evidence, the solution enables to gain total control of market access. As the solution provides clear visibility of existing Requirements, organizational compliance and product development teams can work closely together on increasing market reach by looking at current product sets and assessing how these might perform in new markets. “With C2P you can finally join all the compliance dots for the first time in end-to-end market access and product compliance solution. Link your evidence back to product requirements and all informing regulations, standards, sustomers, and other Requirements with automated alerts helping you manage by exception and keep on top of your ever-changing compliance obligations,” explains Butler.

While explaining the value proposition of the company, C&R recalls an instance when the team assisted Miele—a world-leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances and commercial equipment—simplify their compliance challenges and meeting the regulatory requirements. With multiple manufacturing facilities across all four continents, and sales operations in over 100 countries around the world, product compliance is a top priority for Miele in achieving and maintaining market access. Mele not only had to stay on top of all legal product compliance requirements worldwide but also required reliable & up-to-date monitoring of key policy with early notification of regulatory changes in all markets. Embracing technology innovation in C2P by C&R enabled Mele with a centralized compliance management solution. Today, Mele has completed over 1,685 regulations and standards assessments with over 101 users and 9,212 regulations and standards alert with C2P.

Since opening its doors in 2002, C&R has been on a constant quest to resolve the compliance and regulatory requirements of its global clientele. Based out of Ireland, the company today is trusted by some global businesses including Samsung, Bose, Tesla, and GE Healthcare. C&R also assist organizations across a variety of industries to stay on top of regulatory changes in Governance & Sustainability and their impact worldwide. “We have a global footprint currently across 20 key industries covering 40 topics. With ESG Reporting in the limelight, we will be soon offering solutions in ESG to help companies be able to report on their ESG initiatives right from monitoring of the relevant regulations,” concludes Butler.