CyberProof: Comprehensive Cyber Defense Solutions

Tony Velleca


"At CyberProof, we’re passionately committed to securing organizations against the rising tide of cyber threats as they undergo digital transformation."

Digital transformation promises improved efficiency, agility, and innovation, but also opens dangerous new avenues for cyberattacks. As companies shift their operations online and to the cloud, their attack surfaces expand exponentially. Unfortunately, cybersecurity has not kept pace. Enterprises struggle to anticipate, adapt to, and respond to the rising tide of increasingly sophisticated threats targeting their business, data, and personnel. CyberProof offers the most comprehensive suite of cyber defense solutions to securely enable digital transformation. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the flagship service in CyberProof’s portfolio of cyber defense solutions. Our MDR service provides 24/7 continuous monitoring, detection, in-depth investigation, and rapid response to security incidents across the entire IT environment - including cloud platforms, user endpoints, networks and identity systems. The service is backed by a state-of-the-art security operations center manned by both virtual security analysts leveraging automation and machine learning as well as senior expert human analysts to provide complete coverage. By quickly detecting, containing and eliminating threats before material damage can occur, CyberProof MDR gives clients unmatched threat protection. Another core capability provided by CyberProof is next-generation Extended Detection and Response (XDR). CyberProof XDR revolutionizes security by collecting, correlating and analyzing telemetry data across the entire IT ecosystem - endpoints, network, cloud, identities and applications. This provides unified visibility and protection against advanced threats that typically evade traditional security controls focused on specific vectors. Our tightly integrated platform ensures alerts triggered anywhere can activate automated investigation workflows and remediation actions across all areas to neutralize threats with speed and precision.

As businesses move to the cloud, securing the most critical areas of enterprise is a major challenge. Attackers move laterally across enterprises, generating large volumes of signals across estate with little to zero context of the entire attack path. CyberProof can help businesses with Managed XDR for Microsoft, a complete service that identifies intrusions across the enterprise. The company’s team – which has been recognized by Microsoft for Threat Protection and Cloud Security specialization services – leverages Azure Data Explorer (ADX) together with the CyberProof Log Collector to slash data ingestion & storage costs to stay within budget while helping maintain maximally effective cybersecurity.

Proactively assessing the resiliency of cyber defenses is also a key service offered by CyberProof. The cmpany’s highly skilled team of veterans employ the latest breach and attack simulation techniques to safely stress test clients’ environments. By realistically emulating the tactics, techniques and procedures of advanced real-world attackers, this service identifies any security gaps before they can be exploited. Clients can then rapidly remediate those vulnerabilities and validate that measures taken prevent subsequent compromise. This managed application of red team testing hardens defenses and prepares organizations to stand up to attacks. On top of these flagship offerings, CyberProof provides a wide array of additional cyber defense solutions including security platform implementation and management, advanced threat hunting, identity and access management, penetration testing and more. This creates a comprehensive ecosystem with interlocked layers of protection and resilience customized to each client’s needs.

A leading automotive manufacturer turned to CyberProof when targeted phishing campaigns compromised several employee Office 365 accounts. CyberProof implemented adaptive access controls and multi-factor authentication across cloud apps to prevent further infiltration. A major hospital system relied on CyberProof to lock down its network perimeter with next-generation firewalls and segment internal subnets to limit lateral movement after ransomware encrypted critical medical devices. Patient care was restored within hours due to quarantined damage.

"At CyberProof, we’re passionately committed to securing organizations against the rising tide of cyber threats as they undergo digital transformation," said CEO Tony Velleca. "By implementing proactive, layered defenses and continuous security monitoring powered by both exceptional human expertise and AI-driven automation, we empower companies to fearlessly innovate without worrying about the next breach derailing them." As every industry accelerates adoption of cloud platforms, connected devices, data analytics and other digital technologies, they also expand their attack surfaces and exposures dramatically. Both frequency and impact of cyberattacks grows exponentially with each new digital transformation initiative if security is not woven directly into their DNA from inception. CyberProof meets this intensifying threat landscape by providing the most comprehensive visibility across hybrid cloud estates to detect stealthy attacks, unmatched protection against advanced multi-vector threats, and industry-leading resilience to contain incidents quickly. They prevent incidents from becoming breaches and breaches from becoming business catastrophes through in-depth expert human intelligence augmented by smart automation.