Cyturus: The Future of Cybersecurity Risk Management

Robert Hill


"Our Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturation Assessment (C2MA) helps organizations gain insight into their business risk and provides corrective actions to mitigate risk. We have decades of experience in cyber security and specialize in quantifying business risk using our proprietary Adaptive Risk Model (ARM).”

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is a core framework that any organization must follow to manage its business operations including IT operations that are subject to compliance regulations. Every business or organization needs a GRC strategy. Consider GRC as the glue that binds your business objectives and helps you comply with company policies or regulations while mitigating associated risks. Since GRC provides a structured and integrated framework, it is the go-to solution for all Information security management needs. A cybersecurity consultant is responsible for identifying problems, evaluating security issues, assessing risk, and implementing solutions to address threats to a company's computer networks and computer systems. This is where cybersecurity consultants like Cyturus come into the picture. Cyturus Technologies delivers cybersecurity business risk quantification services using a proprietary Adaptive Risk Model (ARM). With decades of cyber security expertise, Cyturus has helped many organizations gain insight into business risk and provide corrective actions to mitigate risk.

Cyturus Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturity Assessment (C2MA) assessment is based on weighted industry best practices, governance maturity, and strategy comprehensiveness versus specified Maturity Indicator Levels and is determined using proprietary algorithms. The Cybersecurity Maturity Index (CMI) is the resultant cybersecurity numerical maturity score. The Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Assessment (C2MA) rates the enterprise's cybersecurity capacity and competency. Through the use of a unique approach, these workshops interview staff members and business executives from across the company to assess the degree to which more than 500 best practices across 15 functional areas have been implemented. This examination, which is presented in terms that business executives can comprehend, gives insight into abilities, limitations, and potential business repercussions. As part of an enterprise risk management plan, your company executives receive the information they need to make risk reduction and mitigation choices. The Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Assessment (C2MA), which is continuously maintained, assists the business in adapting when risks change as a result of new external threats or internal changes within the organization. The patented and interview-based C2MA approach not only exposes weaknesses in corporate cybersecurity programs but also generates a road map for advancing and gauging maturity in a consumable plan that is uniquely created for the examined organization. Application of the Adaptive Risk Model (ARM) allows enterprises to: Identify gaps objectively throughout the whole organization, not just those in IT. Analyze and evaluate tactical practices, specified strategy, and implemented governance. Make a tailored road plan that directs the organization's maturing process toward prioritized goals through targeted repair. "Our Cybersecurity Capacity and Maturation Assessment (C2MA) helps organizations gain insight into their business risk and provides corrective actions to mitigate risk. We have decades of experience in cyber security and specialize in quantifying business risk using our proprietary Adaptive Risk Model (ARM),” says Robert Hill CEO of Cyturus.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Index (CMI), based on Cyturus risk assessment, offers a precise, algorithmically generated maturity score that identifies which best practices you have used and to what extent, to define the baseline cybersecurity maturity. With this numerical score, one can now actively manage cybersecurity risk and cost-justify mitigation expenditures by applying risk management principles like acceptable risk, risk tolerance, yearly loss expectation, and residual risk. Organizations may prioritize risk remediation activities by using the Cyturus Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) approach to identify the areas with the highest potential to reduce company risk. Cyturus then create a plan that enables you to advance risk management skills in a targeted, thoughtful, and systematic way. Through a subscription-based service called Cyber Maturity as a Service (CMaaS), skilled mitigation managers from Cyturus assist in carrying out the necessary remedial steps to mature cybersecurity. All mitigation actions are managed by devoted, highly skilled mitigation managers. The CMaaS service provides the only full-time managed service in the sector, handling everything from sourcing vendor solutions within the partner ecosystem to administering the RFP process.

Organizations use TPRM programs as a formal approach to analyze, manage, and measure third-party risk, determine how it affects every facet of your organization, and create compensatory controls or other types of mitigation to decrease the impact on the company if something were to go wrong. A structured TPRM program establishes a way to exchange risk information about suppliers and vendors across the business and offers consistency for managing supplier and vendor relationships. Cyturus can assist in establishing an integrated Risk Register. The CRT Risk Register module is an integrated tool for documenting risks to the business, categorizing them by response strategy (Avoidance, Transferring, Mitigation, Acceptance), and documenting the actions to manage and maintain the current status for each of the identified risks. A Risk Register is essential to the successful management of organizational risks and the CRT Risk Register is an integrated module providing the required functionality throughout the organization.

Cyturus is dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that cater to the specific requirements of its clients as the threat landscape keeps changing. Cyturus is dedicated to providing the greatest quality of service and industry expertise through a customer-centric approach and a focus on continual development. Cyturus is positioned for future development and success because of its commitment to quality and unrelenting pursuit of innovation.