Dangerous Games

We humans are known to create our own problems, and even though the modern generation is probably the most accomplished one the world has ever seen, we still just couldn’t detach ourselves from that fact. It cannot be emphasized enough that human beings are complex to say the least. Our actions can sometimes look baseless and uncalled for. The state we have brought the world into can be the biggest example of it. We are the sole reason behind environmental issues raging up, and after ruining things to the point of extreme alarm, we are now investing big sums of money in resurrecting the planet. This has been a common pattern throughout our history. However, there have been times when things were somewhat out of our control, and we had no option but to be reactive about whatever comes our way. This has been a major scenario during the cybersecurity crisis that US is still going through. Even though systems were largely secured, threat actors were able to break through and cause chaos of grand proportions. The financial losses have already reached an astronomical point, going deep into billions, but the wreak-havoc goes on. Nevertheless, the security agencies are finding some solace in the fact that they are now better aware of hackers’ strategies, piece of information that they feel will greatly help their response, but it might be too late before they do anything.

In the light of Tokyo Olympics commencing on Friday, FBI has issued a warning that the hackers might be planning even bigger this time, with their eyes set on this global fest of sports. There have already been concerning reports regarding some technological systems getting targeted at the Olympics, but FBI’s warning indicates that worst might still be on the cards.

With physical attendance of spectators prohibited due to Covid 19, TV broadcast is the only way to access games, and if FBI’s information is true, then the cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of that. There have been signs that these hackers can attack Tokyo Olympics to not just steal money, but also to sow confusion, showcase their notoriety, and advance their ideological agendas.

“Adversaries could use social-engineering and phishing campaigns in the lead up to the event to obtain access or use previously obtained access to implant malware to disrupt affected networks during the event,” FBI stated in their statement.

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