Deep Instinct: Unmatched Protection Against Cyber-Attacks with Deep Learning Technology

Lane Bess


"Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving landscape. It's important to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for new threats”

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes in recent years, as cyber-attacks have become increasingly common and sophisticated. These attacks can cause significant harm to a business, including the loss of data, financial damage, and damage to its reputation. Traditional cybersecurity solutions rely on signatures and rules to detect and block threats, but these methods are not effective against zero-day and advanced persistent threats (APTs). That's where Deep Instinct comes in.

Deep Instinct is a cybersecurity company that applies artificial intelligence's deep learning to cybersecurity. Leveraging deep learning's predictive capabilities, Deep Instinct's on-device solution protects against zero-day threats and APT attacks with unmatched accuracy. By applying deep learning technology to cybersecurity, enterprises can now gain unmatched protection against unknown and evasive cyber-attacks from any source. Deep Instinct brings a completely new approach to cybersecurity, enabling cyber-attacks to be identified and blocked in real time before any harm can occur.

One of the key advantages of Deep Instinct is its speed. In less than 20 milliseconds, Deep Instinct prevents known, unknown, and zero-day threats before execution, unlike detection and response solutions that can take minutes, hours, or even weeks to catch anomalous behaviors. This means that attackers are stopped in their tracks before they can even begin to exfiltrate data. Deep Instinct's Prevention Platform reduces the risk of a breach by meeting attackers earlier and eliminating them 750 times faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt.

Another advantage of Deep Instinct is its ability to prevent >99% of unknown threats hidden in files, including zero-day, ransomware, or known malware and its variants before they enter storage or land on the endpoint or server. This is achieved by leveraging the power of deep learning to identify and block threats in real time. "Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving landscape. It's important to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for new threats” says Lane Bess, CEO of Deep Instinct.

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent and are causing significant damage to organizations worldwide. From DarkSide, REvil, Emotet, and Ryuk to the next never-before-seen attack, ransomware brings a host of challenges to your organization, including loss of data and customer confidence to double extortion. The existing cybersecurity solutions are proving too slow to stop ransomware before it encrypts, making it critical for organizations to adopt a prevention-first approach. Deep Instinct's ransomware protection prevents known, unknown, and zero-day attacks in <20ms, providing unmatched accuracy and protection. Deep Instinct's malware classification speeds up investigations, reduces risk, improves SOC efficiency, and delivers complete security by highlighting exactly what was prevented, be it ransomware, spyware, a worm, or something else. With Deep Instinct, organizations can stay ahead of ransomware attacks and prevent them before any harm can occur.

Deep Instinct also provides several other benefits for enterprises. Its agent is extremely lightweight, with a false positive rate of less than 0.1%, and eliminates frequent cloud checks and agent updates. It maps to MITRE ATT&CK for faster investigations and improves compliance standards for GDPR, PCI, and CCPA. Deep Instinct also increases analyst productivity and efficiency to fight threats, lowers the TCO, and increases the ROI of the entire security stack. Finally, Deep Instinct provides extensive support across Windows, macOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux.

In conclusion, Deep Instinct is a game-changing technology that is transforming the cybersecurity landscape. By leveraging the power of deep learning, Deep Instinct provides unmatched protection against known and unknown threats and pre-execution. This allows organizations to stay ahead of attackers and stop threats faster and with greater accuracy, without slowing down their business. With its numerous advantages, Deep Instinct is a must-have solution for any organization looking to protect itself from the ever-increasing cyber-attack threat.