Deepwatch: Protecting Customers from Growing Online Threats

Charlie Thomas


"Deepwatch relentlessly protects our customers' networks - everywhere, every day.”

Cyberattacks and data breaches are at an all-time high, costing businesses billions of dollars in losses each year. Many companies struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape and lack the in-house expertise needed to properly secure their infrastructure. This is where Tampa-based cybersecurity firm Deepwatch comes in. "Deepwatch relentlessly protects our customers' networks - everywhere, every day," says CEO Charlie Thomas. The company provides a managed security platform combining leading technology, security experts, and coordinated response capabilities. Deepwatch goes beyond traditional managed security services to become an extension of customers’ security teams. Squads of dedicated analysts, engineers, and specialists gain in-depth knowledge of each customer's unique environment, technology stack, vulnerabilities, and risk tolerance to tailor protection.

"Deepwatch security experts are with you every step of the way," Thomas emphasizes. This level of customization is missing from many cookie-cutter security services that take a one-size-fits-all approach. Deepwatch thoroughly investigates and documents clients’ business environments, objectives, and risk appetites upfront. Their experts then continuously tune detection, monitoring, and response procedures specifically to those parameters.

Deepwatch also actively hunts for advanced, stealthy threats that typically evade traditional detection methods. Their experts discover dormant malware, identify vulnerabilities being exploited, and uncover attacker dwell time and movements across networks. These proactive capabilities prevent incidents before they occur versus only reacting after the fact. For example, fueled by cyber threat intelligence from different sources, Deepwatch threat hunters uncovered dormant threats on a manufacturing customer’s network. The hunters provided rich context around active threats as well, helping the company’s incident response team successfully resolve issues before incurring business disruption, customer impact, or reputation damage.

Deepwatch’s expertise and threat intelligence produce major improvements in security program effectiveness and efficiencies. For example, their patented Dynamic Risk Scoring engine, continuously tuned to each customer’s risk profile, cuts through the noise of false positives that fatigue security teams. Enriched data and Deepwatch threat analytics reduce false positives upwards of 98% while ensuring interconnected threats are monitored over time versus being dismissed.

The company also helps organizations benchmark and improve security postures using their patented Security Index, which grades controls across twelve key areas including cloud security, identity and access management, network security, vulnerability management, and more. On average, Deepwatch customers experience 25%+ maturity gains annually.

Deepwatch is trusted by leading global brands across industries like financial services, healthcare, retail, energy, and manufacturing. For a large regional bank struggling to keep up amid rapid growth from mergers and acquisitions, Deepwatch provided critical expertise and capacity when the security team was overwhelmed safeguarding disparate environments. The bank has a dedicated Deepwatch team monitoring threats within the proper business and regulatory context. Unlike vendors that randomly assign generic analysts, the bank works with the same Deepwatch team regularly. This consistency and familiarity bring confidence along with better security outcomes. Deepwatch also co-manages the bank’s firewall security, implementing changes trusted by networking teams. So rather than just alerting the bank to firewall events, Deepwatch has the access and context to remediate issues directly, increasing response speed.

For a manufacturing conglomerate with unique risks spanning five distinct business units, Deepwatch normalized and unified data ingestion, correlation policies, and response procedures across all units for consistency—no small feat given disjointed acquisitions and technologies. Deepwatch consolidated several legacy SIEM instances into one cloud-based platform with expanded detection and response capabilities thanks to their managed service overlay.

Steady enhancements continue today as Deepwatch and the customer align the program roadmap to the ever-changing threat landscape. The companies meet regularly to assign framework tactics, techniques, and procedures for Deepwatch threat hunters to focus on each month. This keeps detection capabilities current as threats evolve. In closing, Deepwatch stands apart via its emphasis on custom-tailored security services versus one-size-fits-all approaches. According to Thomas, "Deepwatch relentlessly protects our customers' networks—everywhere, every day." It is this tireless commitment to customers, immersed understanding of their environments, and tenacious drive to harden defenses that ensures business continuity and resilience against cyber threats for Deepwatch clients.

The company's focus and expertise around managed detection and response have fueled rapid growth. Deepwatch's customer base expands at nearly 75% annually as organizations seek better security outcomes from partners highly dedicated to their success. With an ever-expanding cyberattack surface, Deepwatch's relentless protection and passion for clients position it well to continue disrupting the managed security space.

Not resting on its laurels, Deepwatch continues innovating new services like Threat Signal to expand offerings. Threat Signal provides forensic investigation capabilities to quickly ascertain breach impacts along with expert guidance on containment, remediation, and improving defenses against future recurrence.