DoControl: Enabling Visibility, Control, and Remediation

Adam Gavish

Co-founder & CEO

“DoControl assists in identifying and assessing risks based on our ability to integrate with organizations' business-critical applications and expose the business context of what is taking place in the environment”

Data is generated in high volume, across a wide range of applications; and current approaches are very much decentralized and fragmented. Organizations need to be able to discover, understand and protect sensitive data within their business-critical applications. This is in addition to the fact that data protection has been an established market for some time, but protecting data in cloud and SaaS environments is a new challenge that traditional tools are unable to effectively address. At this juncture, the importance of protecting data in modern SaaS environments is one of the most critical aspects of an organization. This can be achieved by partnering with a vendor that provides security automation just like DoControl—a leading SaaS Security Platform (SSP) modernizing CASB and DLP to secure SaaS applications. DoControl addresses some of the most prominent data security challenges with its SaaS Security Platform (SSP); which is an agentless, event-driven solution that enables the implementation of security automation workflows at scale. As a result, organizations can put in place the right controls to enable the business, while better upholding their end of the shared responsibility model in the cloud.

Some of DoControl’s key services include comprehensive asset management, providing complete visibility into the SaaS estate while capturing all users, groups, domains, assets, and applications (both sanctioned and unsanctioned). The solution goes beyond surface-level data, extracting the business context of each SaaS user interaction and activity. This enables security teams to gain a holistic understanding of their organization's SaaS risk exposure and automatically implement mitigations over time. “DoControl SSP provides organizations with three critical capabilities: visibility, control, and remediation. These solution pillars extend across every use case that we address (CASB, SaaS DLP, Shadow Application Governance (SaaS-to-SaaS), Insider Risk Management, and more,” begins Adam Gavish, Co-Founder and CEO.

DoControl’s SSP integrates with industry-leading Identity Provider (IdP) solutions, ingesting every user, group, domain, etc. into the solution. Policies can then be established to control, and revoke access to sensitive data, supporting both ‘identity and data-centric approaches to security. The platform is event-driven, utilizing APIs and webhooks to seamlessly integrate with core SaaS apps. By aggregating pertinent metadata sources, the solution enables security teams to establish precise Security Workflows that effectively mitigate the risks associated with cyberattacks and breaches in SaaS environments. “DoControl assists in identifying and assessing risks based on our ability to integrate with organizations' business-critical applications and expose the business context of what is taking place in the environment,” points Gavish.

The company exposes every SaaS-related event, that way organizations can combine the information fed in from their IdP, and cross-reference it with the applications, events, assets, etc. that are exposed to understand the business context of what is taking place. Security teams are enabled to make informed decisions on some of the security events that take place (streamlining incident response efforts). With a focus on the governance and compliance space, DoControl also enables security teams to extend identity security further down the stacking, providing them with both preventative controls and detective mechanisms to better meet their GRC requirements.

DoControl’s core competency is focused on protecting business-critical SaaS applications and data through automated remediation. Given the scale and complexity, coupled with the decentralized nature of SaaS environments, organizations must partner with a vendor that consolidates threat models and tools into a single platform. To support the business and not become a hindrance, security automation is a critical capability for any SaaS security provider. What makes the company stand out from the crowd is its ability in providing organizations with an easy-to-use, and scalable platform to support business growth and security in parallel.

Since opening its doors, DoControl has been delivering outstanding solutions to its clientele around the world. Today, as a company focused on security and compliance, DoControl feels strongly that there is a need to consolidate vendors and tools, especially in the SaaS security market. Budgets are stagnant or declining, and there’s a notable lack of security professionals in the market. “We want to be first to market with our SSP to address all mission-critical SaaS security use cases from a single platform. Over time, we will continue to add modules that enable our customers to expand their SaaS security program, as well as continue to build integrated technology alliance partnerships to add value to existing IT and security investments,” concludes Gavish.