Downloading the Scam

It’s not a secret that the claws of online scam are far-reaching. Every day we hear about digital fraudulent activities of varying nature being carried out across different sectors. While the news of organizations getting attacked by such scams is becoming more or less a norm now, it looks like that the people running these scam groups have really stepped up their efforts over the recent past, and a study done by the Washington Post clearly testifies this claim. As per the analysis of a study done by the Washington Post, these scam groups have diversified the ways through which they attack individuals or organizations. The findings of the study set the stage for the panic alarm to go off. To give you a bit of context, the study claims that over 2% of applications available on the Apple App Store are of malicious nature. The top 1,000 grossing list on the store that you so dearly trust also includes these harmful applications. If the data collected is to be believed, then these malicious apps have billed the customers a whopping amount of 48 million US dollars during the course of their stay on the app store, with 30% of every transaction being banked by Apple itself. Although the company removed 18 of the apps indicated as dangerous by the Washington Post, it has come under fire lately for its lack of seriousness about customer’s security. Apple has always taken pride in their refusal to cede strict control over what apps are available on their app store, so for something like this to happen on their watch has dented their customers’ trust to a fair extent.

Washington Post also included the grave discrepancies between company’s state and data collected from their own app store. Applications that offer fake VPN service along with fraud dating platforms are reported to be openly advertised on the store. In addition, Fleecewear apps and the unscrupulous activity of posting fake reviews also seemed quite apparent.

Apple, in turn, has provided a diplomatic response. In their bid to reinstate the customers’ trust, the company has assured that they’ll be taking a strong action against apps posing any type of harm.


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