dSilo: How to De-Silo Business Using the Power of Generative AI

Sharad Malhautra


“What we've been able to do is apply generative AI technology, specifically in the contracts space, that enables our customers to gather insights from their contracts in aggregate - at scale, if you like, in a way that hasn’t been possible before”

Most professionals know the types of risks that unshared and unintegrated data, information, and processes can lead to- namely, revenue loss and isolation which can impact business growth overall. dSilo is a company that knows how to address some of the key challenges that silos in business present, with special insight into how contracts across supply and demand networks risk value leakage that goes unnoticed.

dSilo, founded in 2020, is a scalable platform that leverages the power of generative AI and large language models (LLM’s) to help companies understand their commercials contracts and transactions, identify (and eventually close) unnoticed gaps that lead to unnecessary costs and unmitigated risks, and create new value by taking advantage of missed opportunities. “What we've been able to do is apply generative AI technology, specifically in the contracts space, that enables our customers to gather insights from their contracts in aggregate - at scale, if you like, in a way that hasn’t been possible before,” says Sharad Malhautra, CEO and Co-Founder of dSilo.

Using dSilo’s intelligent and insights-driven platform, customers are able to analyze commercial relationships and have visibility into the key data that underpins these relationships, which are often built on contract management systems. These solutions not only drive cost-savings for business, but also have the potential to totally transform a company’s idea of risk management. Crucial to note, dSilo’s deep learning technology is also able to scale and maximize output of powerful insights, automating processes that were tedious and time-consuming for employees before.

This point highlights the types of challenges in the risk management and compliance space today. Manual processes of analyzing data tied to contracts, including invoices, and pricing, is time-consuming and costly. These different documents and systems also don’t speak to one another, creating an even more siloed experience for employees trying to execute transactions or gain information to drive strategic decisions. By automating the analysis of these documents and systems, and by being able to produce real-time insights into what the information is saying about the gaps and opportunities in contracts and compliance, dSilo’s platform empowers visibility and strategic organizational growth. “That's how our technology is disrupting these old processes because now, I can go to a customer and say, I will read all your contracts, I will extract all your payment terms from your contracts, I'll link it to your AP data and I will tell you where you're paying too early or where your rates are too high, for example. Those all present cash opportunities and normally those insights would be actioned over a multi-month-long period, and that’s costly. The problem is that the data is so unstructured, and contracts are all over the place that it's just not humanly possible to keep up with it,” Malhautra explains.

Though dSilo’s platform is driven by the next generation of generative AI and LLM’s, it’s more than a data-analysis machine. Moreover, the solutions provide real-time insights, visibility, scalability, and automation. “The platform learns every time data is ingested. We’ve infused it all together. How can I take 85,000 documents, extract data, and drive compliance and value? The platform itself is built on different model sizes and techniques,” Malhautra explains, which means there are dashboards that can present a range of information including clause verification, spend analytics, compliance risk scores, purchase price variants, and working capital. These different sets of data are then integrated into a holistic view which can deliver value-driven insights. The results are interpretable, visible, and accessible because dSilo’s platform is not only able to compile and manage the data sets, but also make them contextual. “It’s great that generative AI can read and extract the data, but did you get the context from it to make an intelligent decision?” Malhautra points out.

To emphasize the power of the platform, Malhautra explains how one company is trying to confirm their contracts reflect the requirements of the new DORA legislation in Europe. “I'm talking about 80,000 contracts, right? It's not humanly possible to figure that out or, if they do, it’s costing them several millions of dollars. We are able to do it all for them in a few weeks” he says.

dSilo is driven by passionate people wanting to make an impact in how business can leverage generative AI technology to make informed and strategic business decisions. “Our mission is to be the best AI company when it comes to compliance, procurement, finance, and legal requirements so that we can help companies manage risk and create even more value,” Malhautra says.