F24: The Comprehensive Crisis Management Solution

John Davison


“With the current business landscape characterised by multiple crises, it is crucial for businesses to implement a robust resilience strategy. Our solutions offer extensive support throughout the resilience lifecycle, ensuring preparedness, response, and recovery.”

The past years have presented a challenging business landscape characterized by geopolitical instabilities, disrupted supply chains, inflation or the climate crisis. And with the increasing reliance on digital technologies, cyber threats have become a major concern for companies. Cyber-attacks, data breaches, and ransomware incidents pose significant risks to corporate assets, sensitive information, and operational continuity. In addition, companies have faced significant challenges due to regulatory risks stemming from directives and regulations introduced by the EU. Three notable regulations were the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), the NIS2 Directive, and the Supply Chain Act. Risk and resilience strategies need to encompass the interpretation and implementation of these regulations, as well as ongoing monitoring and evaluation of compliance measures. With the current business landscape characterized by multiple crises and an unstable environment, businesses must implement a robust resilience strategy. F24 is making a significant impact in the market on businesses' ability to navigate complex situations.F24 is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification services, and business messaging.

F24’s software products offer a range of functionalities in the areas of risk management, and business continuity management when it comes to preparing for critical incidents by minimizing impact as well as having appropriate, pre-defined procedures and plans in place to save valuable time in case of an emergency. Apart from that, F24 offers a comprehensive range of services in the areas of alerting/emergency notification and crisis management when it comes to responding to a crisis by managing crises effectively and professionally. “Our dedicated alerting tool FACT24 allows for immediate notification of your entire workforce with just one click. It provides a seamless process to launch alarms and reliably and quickly alert employees. Additionally, our emergency notification system facilitates swift communication during critical incidents, ensuring that essential information and advice are delivered promptly to those who require it,” says John Davison, MD, F24 UK.

The F24 solution TopEase® offers a networked and sustainable risk assessment and management for all types of risks. The solution’s intelligent features enable early risk detection as well as the definition and monitoring of corrective measures. Mapping all kinds of assets and business processes digitally and visually enables you to capture all dependencies and interrelationships in an organization. This allows to get an overview of weak points all over a business. All Risks can be linked to a wide range of assets, from processes, and locations to organizational units, and much more, offering a 360-degree view of the overall company assets and dependencies. “With our software, all types of laws, regulations, and other agreements can be documented (digitized), evaluated, controlled, and changed in a redundant and comprehensible manner. The regulatory links can be carried out semiautomatically based on documents or down to the article, paragraph, or point level,” explains Davison.

F24 offers all tools out of one hand along the whole resilience lifecycle and equips them with all tools they need to comprehensively prepare for critical situations and handle crises professionally as well as strengthen their overall resilience. Often, a variety of tools are used to manage processes, controls, risks, systems, and legal requirements, resulting in a fragmented view that obscures important relationships and dependencies. With its integrated approach, it enables to avoidance of redundant information maintenance and enterprise-wide risks can be managed cross-functionally. This allows for a redundancy-free overall view of the company. Furthermore, F24 meets high security standards and certified multiple times. In 2018, F24 was the first company based in Europe to be listed in the Gartner report for Emergency and Mass Notifications Systems (EMNS) and meet the stringent requirements of this prestigious institute. This makes F24 one of the most relevant providers of EMNS services worldwide. “We develop our solutions in close cooperation with our clients and the feedback and experience of our customers is integrated into product development wherever possible. With our international subsidiaries, we speak our client’s language, understand cultural requirements, and can offer personalized customer support,” adds Davison.

Founded in 2000, F24 AG is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and supports companies and organizations in more than 100 countries around the globe with its subsidiaries. Around 3,000 customers around the world rely on the solutions of F24 to manage their communication requirements as part of the daily communication of critical and confidential information or in the event of a crisis. In July 2020, Europe’s leading software investor Hg became the majority shareholder in F24 AG. Since then, F24 is growing within the second phase of its buy-and-build strategy to further accelerate growth and expand its position as market leader in Europe.