Gearing Up to Take the Lead

We, as humans, are required to coexist with many different forces. Each of these forces leave a unique impact on the world, therefore helping us significantly in regards to diversifying our horizons over time. Now, while the variety present in here has somewhat proven to be an asset, it does bring a major flipside into play. You see, when you allow things to actively move across the board, it gives them an access to some detrimental scenarios as well. The world, in fact, has enough evidence at its disposal in terms of the latter situation. Hence, to avoid such consequences, we would setup dedicated regulatory bodies within every major area out there. The move ended up delivering all the right goods you can imagine. Suddenly, everything looked far more organized than ever before. However, it’s not to imply that the whole ride has been a cakewalk. Time and time again, the regulatory industry has come up against some huge challenges, with the biggest one, of course, appearing as technology. Technology became a foe for the regulators after it started offering a safe haven to all the rule breakers. It got so bad that the idea of regulation was soon losing its relevance altogether. Fortunately, though, the dynamics are finally shifting again, as governing forces gear up to reclaim their authority, and the change is reflected quite well in Microsoft’s latest decision.

Microsoft has officially announced a new set of policies called the Open App Store Principles. Currently applicable to Windows app store, the principles will likely further expand to future game console marketplaces. Interestingly enough, Microsoft’s announcement comes exactly during Apple and Google’s ongoing fight against the developers, who have emerged in spades to accuse them of gaining unfair advantage. According to the details available right now, the newly-introduced principles are “grounded in app store legislation being considered by governments around the world.” Already known for giving a lot of leeway to the developers in regards to using their own payment systems, reducing the company’s commission cuts, and getting third-party stores on the wheel, this could result in Microsoft achieving that much-needed lead in the gaming stratosphere and beyond.

“We want regulators and the public to know that as a company, Microsoft is committed to adapting to these new laws, and with these principles, we’re moving to do so,” Microsoft said in a statement..

The new principles basically cover four major areas, which are Security & Privacy, Accountability, Fairness & Transparency, and Developer’s choice. While security & privacy understandably talks to extending a safe experience, the accountability point addresses an important concern by ensuring that Microsoft won’t use private analytics on third-party apps. On the other hand, the company will uphold the transparency part through extensive moderation rules, and yet the increased scrutiny won’t affect the power that developers are expected to have moving forward.

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