Growing the Acute-Care Space Unabated with a Compliant Recruitment Process

Mobile Health, a leader in occupational health services, has officially announced the launch of a new comprehensive compliance hub called Fast Track, which is designed to deliver significant cost savings, while simultaneously streamlining pre-employment and compliance testing for post-acute care workers. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the very prospect of cost savings where a simple subscription to the hub will hand institutions a chance to reduce the average price of their pre-employment and annual compliance testing. Next up, we must get into the new hub’s reporting storage capabilities. These capabilities, markedly enough, involve a single, unified platform for storing and accessing pre-employment and compliance test results. Moving on, the development also brings to the fore a more accelerated brand of reporting. Of course, users can also come expecting to leverage this new hub for the purpose of efficiently managing their compliance operations. We get to say so because of the streamlined and compliant solution which arrives on the scene as well-equipped to manage caregiver health and readiness. Rounding up highlights would be the presence of comprehensive occupational healthcare. Such a detail translates to how, when combined with Mobile Health’s pre-employment and annual compliance exams, the new hub is able to offer a full-spectrum occupational health solution, and therefore, ensure clinical excellence and enhanced caregiver experience.

Among other details, we must mention that Mobile Health’s latest brainchild will empower an aspiring worker to undergo their required pre-employment and annual compliance medical exams in one go, and after their results are out, the same will be automatically shared across all participating agencies. This, like you can guess, will tread a long distance to save the employer money which otherwise would have been spent on availing these services. Not just that, it will also speed up the entire process by a significant degree so to make sure that patient care is not delayed due to administrative bottlenecks.

“Fast Track embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Todd Wolf, CEO of Mobile Health. “By revolutionizing the onboarding process, we are enhancing operational efficiency while also ensuring that patient care is delivered without delay. This compliance hub is a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier solutions that meet the evolving needs of the post-acute care industry.”

The development in question becomes even more important once you consider recent projections that view direct care space to be on the path to create around 1 million new jobs by 2031, thus making a hassle-free hiring and onboarding process an absolute necessity. Beyond the convenience aspect, the new hub also delivers an important response to rising costs that are putting significant financial pressure on post-acute care agencies.

“Mobile Health’s new Fast Track compliance hub represents the first and only platform of its kind for post-acute care providers, setting a new standard in the industry,” said James Anderson, Chief Growth Officer for Mobile Health. “This initiative is one more forward-thinking way Mobile Health is committed to advancing and improving hiring and compliance processes for caregivers and agencies alike.”


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