Improved approach for responding to disasters because of NeoGeoInfo Technology

Synspective Inc., a provider of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data and solutions, and NeoGeoInfo Technologies Pvt Ltd., a business providing geospatial services with a focus on technology, jointly announced their partnership to use Synspective’s analytical solution services for India’s infrastructure, utilities, disaster management, forestry, and defense/national security needs.

For the purpose of offering data analytics and solution services, Synspective designs and runs high-frequency, high-resolution SAR satellites. We have already been successful in getting two satellites into the desired orbit and have gained experience operating multiple satellites.

Six satellites will be in orbit by 2023, taking us one step closer to a projected constellation of 30 spacecraft. Additionally, we have created numerous solutions utilising SAR satellite data for a variety of regional and international clients in the public and private sectors.

Large government and corporate enterprises in India that require geospatial intelligence to reduce risk, plan for expansion, better manage resources, and increase scientific understanding can get it from NeoGeoInfo.


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