Industry’s First Platform Offering Detailed Insight into Shared Vulnerabilities Across All XIoT Firmware Images is Announced by NetRise

Today, the industry’s first solution to provide insights into shared vulnerabilities across XIoT firmware images in an organization, the NetRise Platform, was released. NetRise is a company that provides visibility into the global XIoT security challenge.

A cloud-based SaaS platform called NetRise analyses and constantly keeps track of the firmware of IoT devices. The critical information, artifacts, and risk are then presented in an easy-to-consume interface after the firmware images have been deconstructed. As a result, NetRise shortens the development cycle and lowers the cost of firmware security programs, enabling businesses to swiftly identify and fix risks that were previously missed.

“Traditional XIoT security products have little-to-no visibility into the underlying components of these devices. As a result, XIoT firmware has been treated like a black box, as end users have had minimal control over it,” said¬†Thomas Pace, Co-Founder & CEO of NetRise. “With the release of the NetRise Platform, organizations now have complete visibility and continuous monitoring of XIoT firmware vulnerabilities and potential points of exposure to fill in the gaping hole that exists in most security programs.”

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