Legal Soft: The Virtual Legal Staffing Company

Hamid Kohan

President & CEO

“Our staff are constantly consulting with the clients about how to structure a law firm, how to automate it, how to get better results, higher settlements, everything. So, our team members act as the knowledge base for clients”

We tend to think of “law firms” as operating on a different level when compared to other corporations or organizations. We think of their workflows as oriented around gaining clientele, but there needs to be a fundamental shift in this mindset, because law firms operate similarly to other corporations and organizations, concerned with operational costs and business development. Law firms are focused on growth at all levels, not just in terms of gaining and retaining clientele, but also shifting their workflow processes to be cost-efficient and effective. That’s where Legal Soft comes in.

Legal Soft is a virtual legal staffing company for lawyers in the United States, helping law firms and clientele save on their business costs while utilizing a dynamic workforce that helps lawyers and practitioners with their backend, and even sometimes their frontend, work. Legal Soft’s primary goal for their clients is to help lawyers get back to the business of being a lawyer. By hiring diversely and supplying solutions for law firms to be able to acquire cost-efficient and effective help, lawyers and practitioners can maximize their time and efforts towards their own clients and cases.

Hamid Kohan, President & CEO of Legal Soft, says that “The practice of law should be separate from the business of practicing law. We handle the business side. Legal Soft is the one place to go for all your legal case needs. First, we make sure to figure out what a certain client needs, and then we start to implement our strategies,” Kohan explains. These strategies include virtual legal staffing allocation for every law firm’s diverse needs, whatever they may be. In fact, Legal Soft’s virtual legal staffing solutions are fundamentally transforming the way that lawyers conduct their business nationwide.

Outsourcing virtual work is crucial for law firms looking to optimize their backend operations. Key roles such as paralegals, case managers, document collectors, intake specialists, legal assistants, and virtual attorneys are essential yet can be expensive to staff in-house. By utilizing virtual professionals, law firms can significantly cut costs related to salaries, office space, and training.

Additionally, virtual legal staffing allows firms to access a broader talent pool beyond local candidates, enhancing service quality and flexibility. This approach not only reduces overhead but also improves adaptability, enabling law firms to efficiently manage fluctuating workloads and maintain competitive edge in the legal market.

Legal Soft approaches outsourced work in two ways: first, by finding out what roles their client needs fulfilled, and then by orchestrating and supplying a diverse workforce from all around the world that is just as efficient yet is procured for much less. “By understanding the needs of our clients, we’re able to find candidates from all over the world who can assist them in their cases,” Kohan says. Not only is this cost efficient, easily processed, and timely, but the deployment of virtual legal staffers is also met by client oversight, meaning any client of Legal Soft’s has an overview of what their virtual staff is doing. 

Legal Soft enhances its service offerings by providing specialized training to its virtual staff on specific case management software, recognizing that familiarity with these tools is essential for efficiency and client satisfaction. This strategic partnership with leading software companies like Clio, Neos, Filevine, Casepeer, and Smart Advocate allows Legal Soft to offer tailored training programs. These programs ensure that their virtual staff are not just familiar with the software but are proficient in utilizing all of its features to optimize law firm operations.

“Our staff are constantly consulting with the clients about how to structure a law firm, how to automate it, how to get better results, higher settlements, everything. So, our team members act as the knowledge base for clients,” Kohan explains. This approach not only prepares the staff to handle the technical aspects of their roles but also equips them with the knowledge to suggest improvements and optimizations in workflows, contributing to better client outcomes and higher settlements.

Moreover, this close collaboration with software providers ensures that Legal Soft’s team remains up to date with the latest updates and features, further enhancing their ability to serve clients effectively. This ongoing education is part of Legal Soft’s commitment to excellence and is a cornerstone of their strategy to empower law firms to scale efficiently and manage their challenges more effectively, especially in virtual settings.

If Step 1 is the initiation phase where Legal Soft’s team familiarizes itself with their client’s specific needs, then Step 2 focuses on translating that understanding into action. This involves the interview and screening process, during which virtual assistants are carefully matched to Legal Soft’s clients based on the client's precise requirements and the tasks to be outsourced. Following this, Step 3 is dedicated to the onboarding of all virtual assistants, ensuring they are fully trained and updated on the firm’s standards, practices, and the specific nuances of each case.

Further, all virtual legal assistants that get hired on for a law firm are monitored using Legal Soft’s innovative software offering called Practice 360. Here, all Legal Soft’s technology solutions are made available to their clients if needed, including virtual staff management that aligns law firm growth goals with successful operations connectivity and automation. Within the virtual staff management toolkit, Legal Soft clients can have oversight of their virtual assistants, including by time-tracking and payroll management systems. Daily reports are housed in Practice 360 that links virtual assistants with their daily work efforts. In this way, full coverage and oversight is available to the client.

Law firms have the flexibility to onboard as many virtual assistants as they require, starting at just $12 an hour. Each virtual legal assistant comes equipped with a background in law and specialized knowledge, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for handling all casework. This approach not only saves time but also significantly reduces financial outlays. "On average, we have about four staff members per law firm," Kohan notes, "though some of our clients scale up to as many as 40 legal assistants based on their needs." This customizable virtual staffing model is tailored to meet each client’s specific employment and case management requirements, ensuring optimal support and efficiency.

Legal Soft intends to help their clients enhance their workforce productivity, streamline wage and workforce management processes in a holistic and easy manner that alleviates the burdens placed on individual practitioners. In these ways, law firm workflows are totally transformed. With a new way to accrue efficient virtual work by trained assistants, have insight and overview on their processes and day-to-day operations, and by allowing their clients to have more time to work on their own responsibilities, Legal Soft promises global talent and real results.

Important to note is that, within Practice 360, there’s several other solutions options made accessible to clients, if they decide they want to further optimize their practices. These include lead generation management, brand growth, marketing evaluations and strategies, as well as social media and website management. All these dimensions are important for law firms to keep in mind as they unlock their true growth potential through Legal Soft’s valuable expertise and management solutions.

Kohan emphasizes the importance for law firms and practitioners to fully grasp the benefits of partnering with an all-in-one solutions provider like Legal Soft, which is not just available but essential. "If you're not on that train, you're going to be left behind,” he warns. Legal Soft is dedicated to scaling client growth, slashing costs, and boosting efficiencies, thereby enabling lawyers to focus on their core legal responsibilities rather than burdensome administrative tasks. “These services are made available to all our clients so that they can go and practice what they went to law school for. Leave the rest of it behind to us, very easily and inexpensively too,” Kohan asserts.