MetricStream: Thrive on Risk with Continuous, Cognitive, and Cloud Strategies: MetricStream Leads the Way with Connected GRC

Gaurav Kapoor

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Prasad Sabbineni


“Our customers view Connected GRC as a strategic advantage and a growth driver, even in the fast-paced risk and regulatory environment, our customers are able to comprehend the deep interconnections of risk, prioritize budgets and investment decisions through risk quantification, and enable a risk-aware decision-making culture.”

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the rapid pace of digital transformation, complex business operations, and constant geopolitical challenges are amplifying the exposure to risks companies face. Traditional risk management approaches are no longer effective in managing inter-connected risks in a connected business world.

MetricStream is a Connected GRC SaaS company providing industry-leading products on a GRC Cloud platform empowering organizations to turn risk into strategic advantage. Backed by a highly differentiated vision, and innovation strategy based on 3 Cs – Cognitive, Continuous, and Cloud – that harness technology and domain expertise to meet today’s fastchanging risk demands, Connected GRC provides an integrated approach to Enterprise and Operational risk, Audit, Regulatory Compliance, Third-party Risk, Cyber Risk, and ESG. It enables organizations to gain a unified view of risk, proactively manage multiple assurance programs, create a common taxonomy, and help risk, audit, compliance, and cyber risk professionals make data-driven decisions.

What sets MetricStream apart is the history of execution in staying ahead of the curve in what the markets need through a deep understanding of the market and customers. A couple of years ago, MetricStream saw the markets starting to move towards a more 'dynamic GRC’ demand with more agility, simplicity, continuous monitoring, and more predictive vs reactive. MetricStream accelerated its Connected GRC SaaS embedded with industry best practices to address the largest number of use cases in GRC. MetricStream also launched AiSPIRE, which offers pre-trained AI/ML models specifically designed for GRC, AI-infused GRC workflows, and risk quantification capabilities to enhance user experience, faster decision-making, and improve the performance of GRC programs. It is one of the very few vendors that provide native risk quantification and Monte Carlo analysis and simulation capabilities for enterprise and cyber risk.

A year ago, a global financial institution grappled with fragmented risk management. This bank had undergone several acquisitions and mergers that resulted in siloed reporting and a decentralized approach to managing risk, leading to an increase in the number of controls – to the tune of tens of thousands that require regular testing.

MetricStream Connected GRC helped them integrate all their risk and control management programs, and provide real-time risk visibility and proactive mitigation, significantly reducing their risk exposure. They used AiSPIRE to identify duplicate controls, the accuracy of the mapping of controls to risks, and process prioritization of control tests based on the signals from business (customer complaints, issues, etc.) and ensure that there is no over-testing and under-testing of controls.

Results were extremely exciting – Millions of dollars in identified savings (by removing unwanted controls and reallocating resources), as well as effective prioritization and resource optimization to make strategic decisions, faster.

Charting the Course with a Differentiated GRC Vision
MetricStream’s vision is to create a world that harnesses risk to accelerate responsible growth. With the Connected GRC SaaS products, they desire to help customers not only manage risk but help them to harness its power, and embrace and thrive on risk.

At the helm of MetricStream driving this differentiated GRC vision are the co-CEOs Gaurav Kapoor and Prasad Sabbineni and their executive Chairman Gunjan Sinha. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, innovation, expertise, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of GRC.

Gaurav Kapoor, co-CEO and co-founder of MetricStream is a pioneer in Governance, Risk, and Compliance, and has led the growth of MetricStream into a market leader. Gaurav was the Founding CFO and then spent over a decade as the COO leading all Go-To-Market and Customer Management before taking on the co-CEO role. He has been pivotal in defining the GRC industry and helping customers realize their vision.

Prasad Sabbineni, co-CEO of MetricStream, is a dynamic and visionary technology executive with an exemplary track record of delivering strategic and innovative technology solutions for global financial institutions. Sabbineni joined MetricStream after a career spanning 25+ years in the Wall Street financial services industry. Prasad most recently served as the CTO and Head of Products, driving the SaaS journey, product and platform development, architecture, technology infrastructure, and cloud automation before taking on the co-CEO role. Before joining MetricStream, Prasad was a Managing Director at Citigroup. He oversaw technology for enterprise functions of Risk Management, Finance, HR, Data, Information Security, Compliance Risk, Internal Audit, Enterprise Supply Chain, and Third- Party Management.

Gunjan Sinha, co-founder and Executive Chairman, has decades of entrepreneurial experience having co-founded WhoWhere (acquired by Lycos) and EGain (a publicly listed CRM company). He has been instrumental in the strategy and growth of MetricStream into the leader it has become. Throughout his career, he has been an active investor and board member in numerous successful Silicon Valley start-ups and venture funds.

The Three Cs: Industry Leading Innovation Strategy to Drive Future of GRC
MetricStream's vision of Connected GRC is driven by three transformative innovation strategies: Continuous, Cognitive, and Cloud. This strategy enables organizations to not only proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks, but also cultivate a risk-aware culture where risks are not seen as threats but as catalysts for growth and resilience.

Continuous - Shifting from Ad-hoc to Proactive and Real-time information in GRC
Traditional risk management methods are inadequate for addressing the complexities and volume of modern-day risks. Continuous monitoring of risks and controls, powered by hyper-automated tools, enables real-time, holistic risk assessments, and control testing. This proactive approach marks a paradigm shift from reactive mitigation to proactive detection and compliance. MetricStream is the first GRC company that AWS partnered with to enable automated cloud compliance against IT and cyber frameworks, and regulations – a huge pain point for IT compliance and audit leaders.

Cognitive Capabilities: Leveraging AI for faster and better decisions in GRC
Cognitive capabilities, such as AI and machine learning, empower organizations to convert massive amounts of data that they have captured in the past into actionable insights, fostering proactive risk management.

MetricStream’s AiSPIRE is an industry-leading AI-powered GRC solution that unlocks the full potential of an organization's existing GRC data. AiSPIRE provides cognitive insights across all aspects of enterprise GRC, enhancing efficiency and enabling predictive, data-driven decisions. For example, AiSPIRE can identify emerging risks, and duplicate risks and controls, saving significant budget and resources spent on annual and quarterly risk assessments and control testing.

Multiple AI-infused workflows across MetricStream’s policy, audit, enterprise risk, third-party risk, regulatory compliance, cyber risk, and compliance products help in faster, easier, and more effective risk identification, assessments, and recommend effective action plans.

Cloud: Enabling Agility, Scalability, Security, and Automation in GRC
The cloud has evolved beyond storage and instance provisioning. Cloud-based GRC solutions break down data silos, providing easy configuration and accessibility for a holistic understanding of risk impact on organizational objectives. MetricStream’s Low-code / No-code cloud platform specifically designed for GRC helps enable rapid development, configuration, and personalization of GRC applications to meet the change management needs of organizations. It offers agility, security, hyper-automated workflows, and valuable insights, making it essential for modern GRC app development and maintenance.

MetricStream's Products: Leading the Way with AI-Powered Connected GRC
MetricStream's Connected GRC products – BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC - operate on a single, scalable Low-code/No-code platform, driving integrated AI-powered GRC programs that enhance agility, performance, and resilience.

• BusinessGRC: Effectively captures, aggregates, shares, and mitigates enterprise and operational risk, regulatory compliance, audit, and third-party risk in a single, centralized environment.
• CyberGRC: Swiftly enables an all-encompassing IT and cybersecurity risk and compliance program in alignment with business and security objectives.
• ESGRC: Seamlessly addresses Environmental, Social, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (ESGRC) requirements, efficiently managing standards, automating data, and providing real-time analytics with a centralized risk repository and AI-powered recommendations.

“Our customers view Connected GRC as a strategic advantage and a growth driver,” said Gaurav Kapoor, co-founder and co-CEO, of MetricStream. “Even in the fast-paced risk and regulatory environment, our customers are able to comprehend the deep interconnections of risk, prioritize budgets and investment decisions through risk quantification, and enable a risk-aware decision-making culture.”

MetricStream's Global Expansion and Innovative Path Ahead
With an impressive clientele spanning Fortune 500 companies in banking, finance, retail, healthcare, energy, utilities, and pharmaceutical companies to fast-growing mid-market companies across the US, UK, Europe, APAC, and MEA, MetricStream has witnessed a surge in global demand as more companies embrace Connected GRC.

Today's complex risk landscape necessitates a strategic, forward-looking approach to risk management. Organizations recognize the urgent need to navigate a spectrum of challenges, ranging from local legislative shifts to global complexities like trade agreements and third-party and cyber risks. These risks are never isolated. They are connected elements actively shaping everyday decisions. MetricStream's comprehensive, connected GRC emerges as a strategic ally for organizations navigating the complex terrain of risk and compliance management – so they can not only survive but thrive.