Nutanix announces additional ransomware protections in its cloud platform

Nutanix announced additional ransomware protections within the company’s cloud platform. These include new threat monitoring and detection, also as more granular data replication and robust access controls一all natively built into the Nutanix stack. These new capabilities repose on Nutanix’s rich data services for network security, files and objects storage, virtualization, and business continuity to assist enterprises prevent, detect and recover against ransomware attacks across multiple cloud environments.

At a time when attacks are getting even more common thanks to the increase of remote work, these capabilities make it easier to implement security and business continuity best practices at the infrastructure level, instead of believe a posh matrix of bolt-on security products. A recent Gartner report shared that, “in 2020, especially , there are swift changes to threats with increased remote work and targeted malware campaigns that cash in of worldwide events, like COVID-19. Ransomware has evolved beyond the commodity, widespread attacks intended to infect one endpoint to incorporate more advanced techniques, like fileless malware and data exfiltration […]. These new strains of ransomware make prevention and planning more important than ever to stop ransomware attacks.”

Organizations, especially those with large remote user populations or hybrid work environments, can not believe one action or tool to guard themselves. they have to make sure their IT infrastructure allows them to best answer these incidents. The Nutanix cloud platform now delivers anomaly detection supported machine learning and IP reputation services with the company’s security networking operations and monitoring solution, Flow Security Central, a feature with Nutanix Flow.

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