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Human life has a known tendency of taking different meanings throughout its duration. While these meanings are largely defined by our own personal factors, they are also, at times, impacted by certain external sources. Now, it certainly looks like one balanced setup, but there is so much more in play here and not all of it is particularly good. To contextualize this statement, we can look at those experiences where our interaction with the external sources proved to be more negative than the other way around. Some of these said interactions even triggered irreversible damage in our lives, thus presenting us with major questions over how we can best avoid such situations. In our response, we introduced the world to an idea of regulation. By constantly monitoring the external sources, we secured ourselves against any potential detrimental effects, and in a way, made our growth as individuals smoother and more productive. The conundrum appeared as solved, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. We’ll see the dynamics change once again, this time on the back of technology’s arrival. Technology brought with it a gazillion ways to sidestep the established regulations, which many thought were unfairly restrictive. Over the following period, we’ll observe a steep rise in activities of non-compliance. As you can guess, this soon turned into a classic back-to-square-one situation. Nevertheless, we were able to stop the freefall before it got too late. It didn’t happen by tightening the rulebook. Instead, we turned technology on its head and used the creation to make things easier for everyone. One platform responsible for making that happen has now just become bigger and better.

After separating from C2 Labs, RegScale is officially back in the mix as an exclusive compliance automation platform. Designed to play a pivotal role in heavily regulated industries, the platform uses API-centric methodologies to facilitate your organization’s transition to a simpler and more efficient brand of compliance. RegScale’s brilliance is testified big time by the numbers it has managed to achieve since its initial release. According to some reported figures, the platform has so far scored more than 5,000 downloads for its Freemium Community Edition, and they continue to grow at an exponential rate. Apart from that, RegScale has also acquired a reputed set of early clients for an Enterprise Edition Platform. These early clients include U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a Fortune 500 finance company, and Johnson Controls Federal Systems.

“We are bringing the principles of DevOps to compliance to solve the most difficult compliance headaches that companies face and help them transition their manual, static compliance documentation and processes into a dynamic, automated, and collaborative platform,” said Travis Howerton, Chief Technology Officer at RegScale.

RegScale’s long-term vision is essentially based on creating an interconnected RegOps ecosystem that is equipped enough to fulfill any compliance obligations, and the journey to get there is already underway. With a newly-built open source community, the platform hopes of encouraging 3rd party collaborators to make their custom integrations available for everyone.

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