Replenishing Your GRC Infrastructure to Reach on a More Effective Operation

Accenture has officially announced a partnership with Hyperproof to help enterprises accelerate their GRC transformation. Under the agreed terms, the partnership will combine Hyperproof’s cutting-edge GRC operations with Accenture’s industry-leading services to harmonize control management and enable continuous control testing. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the access of top experts. This access translates to how customers can easily collaborate with industry-leading experts so to ensure swift and effective implementation of new regulations and frameworks. Next up, we have the possibility touting rapid market expansion. You see, thanks to streamlined processes and expert guidance, companies can easily enter new markets without much of a hassle, thus accelerating growth and unlocking new opportunities. Then, there are in play substantial efficiency gains. These gains, coming on the back of comprehensive automation and industry experience, will make it possible for users to reduce strain operational strain, increase productivity, and ultimately achieve more by expending fewer internal resources.

“The objective of our alliance with Accenture is clear: to enable enterprises to solve their most pressing GRC challenges,” said Craig Unger, CEO and Founder of Hyperproof. “By leveraging Accenture’s unparalleled expertise alongside Hyperproof’s best-in-class GRC platform, we’re poised to revolutionize how companies manage controls and, ultimately, mitigate risk.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t discussed the partnership’s pledge to enhance visibility and trust at scale. This it will, markedly enough, do through real-time visibility and in-depth insights provided by Hyperproof’s platform. Such transparency, on its part, should conceive greater confidence in attestations, and therefore, bolster stakeholder trust. Rounding up highlights would the promise of scalable audit management. Here, the idea is to use Hyperproof’s automation capabilities for the overarching purpose of streamlining audits and empowering organizations to manage wider assessments in exchange of minimal effort.

“This partnership is critical to enable us to serve our clients better,” said Martin Metz, Managing Director and Global Lead for Cyber Risk & Regulatory at Accenture. “Hyperproof is a modern, flexible GRC platform that is a perfect alternative for client scenarios where streamlined control management is central to the use case. Hyperproof addresses a key need for Accenture with its powerful end-to-end control testing automation, and we believe it will drive a lot of value in this area for clients, even those that use big platforms like ServiceNow.”

But what makes these two companies the ideal players to take on such an effort? Well, Accenture’s case is made by its ability to help the world’s leading businesses, governments, and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth and enhance citizen services. The company’s excellence in what it does can be understood once you consider it currently serves more than 743,000 people, spanning across 120 different countries. To support a massive clientele of this sort, Accenture also has around 350+ partners in its ecosystem.

As for Hyperproof, it has risen up through its knowhow in empowering compliance, risk, and security teams to stay on top of all compliance work and manage organizational risks. Bestowing greater control in the hands of those compliance professionals, the company’s testimony is helped, to a larger extent, by its clientele, which includes the likes of Motorola, Instacart, 3M, Outreach, Nutanix, Fortinet, Reddit, Veeva, and many other leaders of their space.

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