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Skybox Security

Gidi Cohen

CEO – Skybox Security

“Together, we can zero in on what matters to outsmart attackers and overcome security’s most enduring challenges.”

Data security and privacy top the chart of any organizations’ security measures. Data, unlike before, has achieved an undeniably crucial role in making and breaking worlds. Cyberattacks are persistent threats to organizations these days, and building resilient teams and IT systems that curb the impact of any such cyber-attacks has become a mandate. Skybox Security, an organization with deep-set knowledge about the innards of cyber security, identified the much-needed advanced cyber solution need. Skybox offers intelligence and context to make informed decisions with a bigger picture in mind, taking the guesswork out of securely enabling businesses to scale. The experts at Skybox offers better visibility across infrastructures, help organizations to gain intelligence and insights around potential risk and compliance exposures, and make informed decisions on future security strategy and programs. 

Skybox intelligently optimizes security policies, actions and change processes across all corporate networks and cloud environments. “Security leaders face significant challenges, yet they are not impossible to overcome,” says Gidi Cohen, CEO and founder, Skybox Security. “Together, we can zero in on what matters to outsmart attackers and overcome security’s most enduring challenges. Strong security posture management is a competitive advantage that can position companies for return to growth in a post-pandemic economy.” Mr Cohen added. 

With nearly 20 years of technical and technological restructuring, Skybox can now provide a multidimensional network model with the ability to collect, visualize, analyze and remediate vulnerabilities. Skybox provides the industry’s broadest cybersecurity management platform to address security challenges within large, complex networks. By integrating with more than 140 networking and security technologies, the Skybox Security Suite provides comprehensive attack surface visibility and the context needed for informed action. Their analytics, automation and intelligence improve the efficiency and performance of security operations in vulnerability and threat management and firewall and security policy management for the world’s largest organizations.

Moreover, organizations can simplify security policy management with analytic-driven automation to handle compliance monitoring, audits, change management and more. With an advanced hybrid modelling with physical networks and public and private clouds, Skybox can analyze paths end to end and identify violations easily. It automates rule, access and configuration compliance analysis across hybrid networks, giving a continuous insight. As a result, businesses can create, recertify and deprovision firewall rules with automated change workflows that assess compliance, security gaps and vulnerability exposures. Furthermore, its automate firewall audits helps to find unused, shadowed and redundant rules to improve analysis and firewall performance while allowing to simplify the recertification of existing rules and objects with Skybox’s automated workflow.

Also, by partnering with Zscaler, Skybox analyzes the firewalls to ensure they enforce desired security policies and proper network segmentation. By analyzing network paths end to end — between and within networks, including cloud and virtual environments — Skybox can provide insight into how Zscaler Cloud Firewalls can provide necessary access while protecting critical assets. Skybox can also help ensure the firewall rules are created according to best practices, meet security policy requirements, don’t expose vulnerable assets, in addition, to identify existing, overly permissive rules.

“The criticality of preventative cybersecurity has become more than a fear of being held for ransom. Cybersecurity is now impacting the daily lives and safety of global citizens – even putting our water, food, and energy supplies at risk.” says the CEO. Today, security leaders face accelerated digital transformation initiatives due to fundamental changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Skybox Security believes that context and intelligence are crucial to fortifying the nation’s cybersecurity programs and works with public and private sector organizations to develop more robust security efficacy by creating mature, consistent security posture management programs. Skybox is the only platform that gives teams the ability to collectively visualize and analyze hybrid and multi-cloud networks, providing a complete picture of their attack surface.

Over 700 of the largest and most security-conscious enterprises in the world rely on Skybox for the insight and assurance required to stay ahead of their dynamically changing attack surface. Skybox enables the business to focus more on the most strategic business initiatives by ensuring reliable, unhindered protection. By focusing on a well-defined set of use cases that provide incremental value to the business, Skybox help organizations achieve rapid solution adoption in an economically efficient method.