TextOre: Turning Data Deluges into Strategic Assets

Dr. Robert Stewart


"By combining human creativity with technological innovation, insight, and opportunity rise to the surface. We look forward to spreading data literacy and democratizing access globally - turning even the messiest data into strategic assets."

The amount of data in the world is exploding exponentially. By 2025, it's estimated there will be 175 zettabytes of data, up from less than 50 zettabytes in 2019. While data holds invaluable insights, over 80% of this information needs to be more structured - think social posts, images, audio files, video footage, and more. Tapping into the knowledge hidden within massive volumes of messy data represents an immense challenge facing all institutions. Fortunately, advanced analytics solutions offered by TextOre are emerging to help organizations ride this data wave rather than drown beneath it. Founded in 2021 by Dr. Robert Stewart, TextOre provides specialized artificial intelligence software tailored to unlocking strategic insights from unstructured data sources spanning languages and regions globally.

TextOre's core capabilities equip clients to stay ahead of the data deluge across both public and private sector needs. On the government side, TextOre supports defense, law enforcement, and intelligence community customers via services like Information Operations, Leadership Tracking, Biographical Reporting, Applied R&D, and Geospatial Intelligence. Specifically, TextOre's Information Operations services provide continuous monitoring of global media narratives in multiple languages to inform national security decisions. Analysts identify key trends related to military readiness, influence campaigns, covert activities, and more. Reports detail nuances around tone, timing, actors, and probable intent to provide decision-makers with robust context.

The company's Leadership Tracking leverages advanced network mapping tools to illuminate hidden connections between tens of thousands of foreign political, military, and industry officials. By analyzing the activities and relationships of influential figures across open-source data sets, TextOre builds relationship maps and identifies groups engaged in coordinated or concerning behavior. This equips clients to anticipate risks and inform planning. Biographical Reporting delivers in-depth profiles of persons and groups that could threaten national interests based on their relationships, activities, capabilities, and intent. TextOre's language-enabled intelligence experts exploit foreign and social media to uncover details that may not be visible through surface-level reviews or translations.

Applied R&D and technical analysis provide specialized defense-focused expertise to answer key questions about niche or advanced technologies of interest. TextOre's PhD-level scientists work like an extension of internal teams to assess the operational status, development challenges, likely performance characteristics, and other unknowns around technologies spotted in signals or academic research worldwide, arming leadership with powerful market and capabilities intelligence. By integrating services like Information Operations, Leadership Tracking, Biographical Reporting, and Applied R&D under one umbrella, TextOre strengthens the national security ecosystem from strategic insights down to technical details - transforming messy unstructured data into fuel for smarter defense planning and decisions.

A recent example saw TextOre utilize these strengths to research China's development of advanced C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) technologies over time. Through foreign language media analysis paired with policy expertise, analysts traced how past surveillance flights over mainland China drove military investments aimed at better monitoring strategic areas moving forward. These insights contextualize China's current capabilities and trajectory in spheres like airborne early warning radar. Beyond government work, TextOre serves commercial clients across functions like brand monitoring, campaign tracking, political risk analysis, data quality control, and more. Using AI-enabled open-source intelligence techniques, TextOre can assess reputational risks, analyze market trends and public discourse patterns, support machine learning processes, and alert leadership teams to events impacting global business operations. With TextOre as a strategic analytics partner, organizations can feel empowered amidst endless floods of data.

"By combining human creativity with technological innovation, insight and opportunity rise to the surface," said Dr. Stewart, TextOre's CEO. "We look forward to spreading data literacy and democratizing access globally - turning even the messiest data into strategic assets." As the world's data volumes swell exponentially, companies like TextOre are leading the way with smart solutions designed to tame the tide. Instead of drowning, more institutions can now thrive atop the waves and unlock hidden value along the way. It's an exciting frontier, and TextOre sits poised to push boundaries even further through continued AI advancement.