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Spin Technology:

Revolutionizing SaaS Data Protection

Top 10 Saas Security Solution Providers 2022

Detectify: Reliable Payload-Based Testing

Even though SaaS is a popular and widely adapted service platform and is used by billions of organizations due to its wide range of benefits, security is a crucial challenge and obstacle that comes with it. To fill this gap and provide state-of-the-art SaaS security, Detectify has coined several security solutions. Detectify offers cloud-based external attack surface management Read More…

Intruder: Effortless Cyber Security

Hackers are constantly looking for security flaws to exploit to compromise sensitive data, steal personal information for financial gain, or cause chaos and disruption for organizations all over the world. They employ a variety of tools and vulnerability scanners to automate their operations and locate new targets to do this. Read More…

OwnBackup: Securing Your Data

In today’s world data is a necessity for businesses to move forward, so it makes a lot of sense to have a backup of data collected, stored, and organized in a way that is accessible to everyone in an organization. With over one million users or customers, OwnBackup proactively prevents businesses from losing mission-critical data Read More…