Transitioning You to an Untapped Data Collection Mechanism for Better Risk Management

MetaRouter, the trailblazer in Server-Side Tag Management and real-time event management, has officially announced the launch of a new pre-packaged solution called ACCELERATE, which is purposed around simplifying and expediting the transition to server-side data collection. More on the same would reveal how ACCELERATE can streamline implementation timelines, while simultaneously reducing technical debt and data privacy risks. This the solution is able to do because of the fact that it is purpose-built for organizations seeking higher signal density from their web properties, SIs looking to round out their digital data solution design, or technology companies needing resilient event collection to feed their product offerings. To cater to all these clients, MetaRouter has packaged over 5 years of integration best practices into pre-built playbooks that, on their part, can effectively address common data collection use cases for the industry’s most utilized CDPs, marketing platforms, identity spines, analytics platforms, and digital advertisers. Furthermore, by expediting the adoption of server-side data collection, ACCELERATE acts as a “server-side starter kit,” which makes it possible for companies to fuel existing investments into customer-data-powered solutions.

Before we get any further into this development, though, we must acknowledge the problem statement it is trying to solve. You see, even though first-party dataprovides invaluable insight into visitor behavior toinform ultra-personalized interactions, and at the same time, delivers significantly better user experiences (UX), many businesses struggle to harness the real value of it. This is largely down to client-side event collection being so complex that it would often require the installation of new SDKs, resulting in extensive coding efforts and lengthy IT projects. On top of that, browser restrictions also limit data collection and analytics effectiveness, whereas privacy considerations tend to dissuade data requests.

But how will MetaRouter’s latest brainchild solve such a problem? Well, the answer begins from its promise of increased efficiency, where the solution basically enables long-lasting, first-party cookies to enhance marketing and CDP visibility and addressability of known and unknown visitors. Such a mechanism can also, markedly enough, come in handy when the agenda is to improve measurement efficacy without having to surface a large amount of browser details. Next up, we can expect an improved signal density. This reflects how ACCELERATE can shift event syndication from browsers to a first-party, privacy-centric platform. By doing so, it replaces client-side code and greatly strengthens resilience against browser limitations on data proliferation. All in all, the stated approach does a lot to maintain governance andpreserve user privacy. The latter bit, like you might have guessed, is specifically focused on addressing security concerns attached to measuring customer engagement and tracking ad efficacy. 

Rounding up highlights is a robust integration library. Here, MetaRouter integrates with industry-leading tools so to future-proof clients’ tech stack. You see, leveraging a combination of fully supported and customizable integrations, simplified event data transformation, as well as a user-friendly interface, ACCELERATE empowers organizations to set up multiple integrations at scale.

“MetaRouter ACCELERATE is our answer to the challenges faced by businesses seeking to harness the power of server-side data collection quickly and effectively,” said Jonathan von Abo, VP of Partners and Alliances EMEA at MetaRouter. “By providing a streamlined solution with pre-built ‘playbooks,’ we empower brands to accelerate their server-side journey and stay ahead of market dynamics, including new data privacy legislation.”

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