Unleashing New-age Intelligence to Let Your Business Grow in a Secure Environment

March Networks, a global leader in intelligent video solutions, has officially announced the launch of its groundbreaking AI Series smart cameras. According to certain reports, the stated series is led by an A14 camera, which is designed to scale up the company’s Searchlight Cloud Business Intelligence platform by supporting high-resolution scene analysis, integrating analytics metadata, and offering advanced solutions to real-world problems. Talk about the A14 camera on a slightly deeper level, we begin from its superior image quality. You see, the camera comes in decked up with next-generation sensors that ensure unparalleled picture clarity day and night, applicable in any weather condition. Next up, we must get into device’s accurate edge analytics. This involves five types of analytic triggers available simultaneously, including intrusion, loitering, line crossing, unattended object, missing object, face, and crowd detection. Owing to that, the camera is able offer comprehensive security tailored to specific needs. Then, we have the prospect of cost efficiency, where unlike other alternatives in the market, March Networks brings to the fore analytics functionality embedded right into the AI4 cameras. Such an arrangement, like you can guess, makes the need for additional licensing utterly redundant. Coming back to the value it offers in conjunction with the company’s Searchlight Cloud platform, the stated value is rooted in its promise to speed up incident verification, enrich user data, and streamline security operations.

“March Networks is committed to innovation and excellence in the security and Business Intelligence industry,” said Peter Strom, President and CEO of March Networks. “With the addition of an advanced AI analytic camera to the March Networks portfolio, we are not just introducing a product but revolutionizing how businesses approach security and operational intelligence. The AI4 Camera, coupled with Searchlight Cloud and our Command Enterprise Video Management Software, is designed to provide our customers with a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solution.”

Having touched on what makes up March Networks’ new lead product, we can now move on to unpacking some of its possible use cases. For instance, such a technology should treat a long distance when the agenda is to reduce fines and ensure compliance with alarm configuration for blocked exits. Next up, it will likely prove useful in the context of addressing sudden or unexpected security threats, something it is going to achieve through real-time alerts for crowd detection. Beyond that, one can also bank upon the new A14 camera to improve wait times and overall customer experience with traffic insights like people counting and line crossing. Hold on, there is more, considering we still haven’t discussed the device loitering detection which can come in handy to protect your customers, staff and reputation. Joining the same are drive-thru analytics like vehicle counting and dwell time monitoring that do a lot to enhance efficiency and service. Our final highlight comes from A14’s people and face detection capabilities that minimize false alarms and protect your business in a productive fashion.

At launch, March’s A14 camera will be available in bullet and dome models for indoor and outdoor use, and it will offer 4-megapixel, as well as 5-megapixel quality (depending on 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio requirements).

Founded in 2000, March Networks has risen up on the back of its intelligent video solutions which empower organizations to enhance operational efficiency, security, and profitability. The company’s excellence in what it does can be understood once you consider it is currently a trusted partner for over 1,000 financial institutions, more than 300 retailers, and over 800 commercial and industrial brands.

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