A Less Siloed Take on Preserving Public Safety

Utility Associates, Inc has officially announced a strategic partnership with STRAX Intelligent Group, a partnership which will place the former’s all-in-one digital evidence management system alongside latter’s real-time crime center platform and integrations to deliver integrated public safety solutions. Once conceived, these solutions, with their real-time intelligence and greater investigative capabilities, should come in handy when the agenda is to achieve faster incident response and solve crimes more effectively. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin with the promise of expanded real-time intelligence itself. Here, the idea is to leverage the given information for the purpose of enhancing access to specific positions, live streaming of fixed and portable cameras, drones, marine vessels, license plate readers, and from across a host of other sensors. By enhancing access to all possible touchpoints in such a manner, the Utility-STRAX partnership will ensure effective navigation between disparate technologies. Next up, we must get into the prospect of advanced pre-planning and analysis, a prospect where one robust workflow engine is to help us pre-plan response parameters based on the incident type. Joining the same is a recording ability, which allows for post-event analysis, learning and improvement.

Another thing this integration between Utility and STRAX will look to achieve is rooted in enhanced situational awareness. The stated objective translates to the knowledge that responders will have regarding critical real-time updates and incident reports. This knowledge they can have from one centralized dashboard. Anyway, such a feature, on its part, makes for better collaboration, informed decision-making and adaptable strategies.

“During conversations with our partners in law enforcement, we heard the need for less siloed and more integrated technology systems that would save precious time and money for first responders,” said Michael Nark, President and CEO of Utility Associates. “By teaming up with STRAX and combining our collective expertise, creativity and problem-solving abilities, we created an ideal solution for our clients all in one place.”

Moving on, Utility and STRAX have even made a commitment towards accelerating investigation. The partners will, markedly enough, look to fulfill that objective through an exclusive platform which can capture, document, and manage evidence throughout incident response. The unified nature of their platform, like one might guess, also births improved efficiency and effectiveness in gathering critical information. Hold on, there are still a couple of bits left to pack, as we still haven’t discussed the partnership’s take on resource optimization. In practice, the take refers to how law enforcement agencies can use the Utility-STRAX integration to optimally deploy personnel, equipment, and resources in areas with the highest need. Rounding up highlights for us is the chain of custody & reporting compliance. To put it simply, this particular chain is concerned with minimizing data transfer between platforms so to maintain the integrity of obtained evidence, while simultaneously enforcing the digital chain of custody for compliance with reporting standards.

“This collaboration is a game-changer within the public safety sector. By combining our RTCC solution with Utility’s evidence management system, we are creating a unified system that dramatically improves how agencies respond to and manage public safety incidents,” said Scott Adams, CEO of STRAX Intelligence Group.

To sustain their combined technological expertise, Utility and STRAX have secured a strategic investment from Greater Sum Ventures, a company best known for backing middle market software and tech-enabled services players.


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