A Triple Effort to Make Compliance Easy

There is no doubt that technology has done a world of good for us, but its greatest achievement might not be what you think. The tech revolution certainly introduced us with many new horizons; however, its biggest success has to be leaving an imprint on the things that have been around for years. Mind you, some of these things had long carried a reputation of being static, so for technology to add a progressive element to them is something that demands to be applauded. One such area that got hugely benefitted from the said transition was governance, risk management, and compliance. The traditional concept of GRC and its complexities are well-known for having the tendency to be detrimental at times, a feature that has repeatedly caused trouble across a wide range of industries. Therefore, when technology turned up, the regulatory bodies had no option but to run with this ingenious creation. In hindsight, this decision looks like a fair turning point for the regulation and compliance sphere. It’s not to say that the companies of today no longer struggle with their compliance obligations, but with technology’s help, they just have a lot more solutions to ease things up on that front. Now, as the world strives to get better, these solutions are only increasing in number, and the latest entrant to make the picture is recently delivered by a three-company partnership.

Telos Corporation, Splunk Inc, and stackArmor have officially revealed their intention to pursue an affiliation. The affiliation will function under the authority to operate (ATO) on Amazon Web Services, going on the floor with an aim to reduce time and costs often associated with ATO compliance. This objective will be achieved through a newly-designed FASTRR initiative. Faster ATO with Splunk, Telos, and ThreatAlert for Regulated Markets a.k.a FASTRR is basically a compilation of three unique cybersecurity solutions that are conceived to help independent software providers, as well as regulated defense contractors.

On a granular level, the initiative uses stackArmor’s ThreatAlert system as a base. Telos’ Xacta solution provides just the kind of scaling up it needs for security compliance documentation, while Splunk’s security and event management capabilities bring the all-important monitoring and auditability elements into the frame.

“We are beyond pleased to support this new initiative under the ATO on AWS program, which is a Partner-driven process established to reduce the time and cost associated with achieving compliance certifications that can significantly stall efforts to migrate to the cloud,” said Sandy Carter, vice president, worldwide public sector partners and programs, AWS.

When you look at the independent contributions these companies have made throughout the years to elevate the regulation and compliance industry, you finally start to realize the significance of this partnership. Nevertheless, how they make this combination of skill-sets work is something that we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves.

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