Allowing Analytics to Empower Your Case against Those Growing Global Regulations

AuditBoard, the leading cloud-based platform transforming audit, risk, compliance, and ESG management, has officially revealed powerful new AI, analytics, and annotation capabilities to help corporate risk, compliance, and assurance teams improve collaboration with stakeholders and deliver more timely insights. According to certain reports, the development brings new enhancements to the internal audit, SOX and controls management capabilities available on AuditBoard’s modern connected risk platform, thus expediting the dispatching of relevant insights. Not just that, such an element should also help you navigate what is a dynamic market environment loaded to the brim with increasing risks, regulations, and business requirements. Talk about the new enhancements on a slightly deeper level, we begin from AuditBoard AI core, which basically elevates the experience for practitioners and their stakeholders by helping them work faster and smarter. This it does by surfacing relevant insights, providing intelligent suggestions, and automating workflows like report summarization, issue creation, mapping, and more. On top of that, the solution also integrates into existing purpose-built workflows for practitioners, all while meeting different enterprise security and privacy needs.

Next up, we must get into the brand-new AuditBoard Analytics offering that supercharges audit testing, streamlines analysis, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of audit execution. By supercharge, we are referring to its ability to facilitate fast implementation with out-of-the-box use cases, tailored for immediate use by internal audit and SOX teams. It also refers to the offering’s commitment towards conceiving an easy-to-use no/low-code analytics workflow builder which can make custom analytics accessible for auditors. Then comes the AuditBoard Annotate solution, where internal audit, SOX, and controls teams can access an expedited brand of testing. You see, seamlessly integrating tick marking, referencing, and markup capabilities, AuditBoard Annotate, more or less, transforms the compilation and markup of audit workpapers and evidence into an intuitive and streamlined process. This process, on its part, can be run directly within the platform, thus further enhancing the speed prospects. 

“AuditBoard AI allows for seasoned auditors to quickly start documentation of controls, issues, risks, and more and then modify, as necessary, and for our less experienced auditors to see examples of what good looks like when writing,” said Melissa Pici, Senior IT Audit Manager at Syniverse. “It is a capacity multiplier for the team and a value add to our stakeholders, aiding in our ability to provide clear well-written information.”

The new updates, markedly enough, provide an interesting follow-up to customers across the board naming AuditBoard a market leader in G2’s Grid Report for both the Audit Management and ERM (formerly GRC) categories for 17 and 16 consecutive quarters, respectively. On top of that, the company was also named amongst the Top 100 Software Product (among more than 100,000 apps across all B2B categories and industries) in G2’s Best B2B Software Awards for two years on the bounce. In case you need further convincing, we can also look at AuditBoard’s clientele, which has nearly 50% of all Fortune 500 companies. 

“Internal audit and SOX teams are increasingly being asked to do more with less, and are looking for the right technology to drive efficiency,” said Evan Fitzpatrick, Chief Product Officer at AuditBoard. “We’re excited to provide these new platform innovations to help them effectively meet the challenge of rising levels of risks, regulations, and business requirements.”



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