CMO of the Year 2021: Neville Letzerich, CMO, Cisco Security

At every business, a customer focus throughout the organization is an important aspect. By appointing a CMO, such businesses can lead customer satisfaction initiatives from the top. The CMO can make an important contribution to an organization’s strategic development while bringing an understanding of markets and customers to make decisions faster and better. This insight is important for making complex decisions about competitive markets where change occurs quickly. Leaders like Neville Letzerich are helping businesses identify opportunities and help team allocate and prioritize resources for enhanced marketing operations. This unique capability, industry presence and expertise in multiple business sectors is what we considered while choosing Letzerich as the Chief Marketing Officer of the year 2021.

Neville Letzerich is currently serving as the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Cisco Security. Leading a global team of marketing professionals, he is responsible for the end-to-end marketing strategy and results driving the world’s largest B2B security business. Letzerich is a results-oriented executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience driving transformation and growth across people, process, and technology. He has a unique and vivid executive leadership experience, driving growth through technology and innovation in companies ranging from startups to $16B in revenue. Letzerich have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to deliver quantifiable results with millions on the line. Leveraging his advanced communication skills and genuine passion for work, he transform companies, boost morale, acquire clients, and ensure customer satisfaction. His detailed knowledge of cybersecurity, SaaS, and application software solutions has been the key ingredient in driving companies across a variety of industries to success. Neville holds a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University.

Over the last two decades, Letzerich has held a wide variety of market-facing and product development roles in companies of all sizes, from startups to multibillion dollar organizations. He is well-versed in data-centric, zero-trust security concepts and creating compelling narratives to communicate key benefits to global audiences. Previously, as CMO of cybersecurity provider Forcepoint LLC (formerly Websense), Letzerich oversaw global marketing efforts across 150 countries. He also served in executive leadership positions in global marketing, sales, product, and engineering teams at EMC Corporation where he worked extensively on document and data privacy initiatives. However, when not driving customers’ businesses, Letzerich spends time outdoors in Austin, where he resides with his wife and children.

Letzerichas served as the CMO at businesses from Cisco to Forescout Technologies, where he led global marketing, SDR, and sales enablement functions. Furthermore, Letzeric held CMO roles at Virtru, Duo, Forcepoint, and HotSchedules, where he was responsible for all marketing functions. What makes Letzerich stand out is his servant leadership approach to build and grow inclusive, high-performing, accountability-focused teams with a wide range of talents and ideas.

With a proven ability to deliver quantifiable results, Letzerich works with millions on the line through effective team leadership coupled with disciplined operational execution. He also leverages advanced communication skills, targeted metrics and genuine passion to acquire new customers, expand existing customer relationships and build effective go-to-market channels.

Letzerich also served as the Vice President – Product Management responsible for redefining product management and building team to deliver on a new Bazaarvoice platform. As a result, they hired top tier product team and replaced ad hoc product development approach with a design-driven, customer-centric process including development of vision types in order to gather customer feedback prior to build-out. This increased conversion via mobile devices by transforming organizational focus to a mobile-first mentality. Letzerich also drove vision and delivery of mobile SDKs and responsive design interfaces.

Letzerich has significant expertise in sales, marketing, product, engineering, P&L management and mergers and acquisitions. His extensive experience across SMB to enterprise solutions in organizations such as Forescout, Forcepoint, Duo Security, Virtru and EMC are added factors that drove him achieve this esteemed award from GRC Outlook Magazine. The magazine’s team also valued Letzerich’s detailed knowledge of cybersecurity, SaaS and application software solutions.He’s also got venture capital, private equity, pre-ipo and publicly traded company experience across multiple positive liquidity events provides a well-rounded approach to business transformation and growth across the broad spectrum of an organization’s lifecycle.

Started his career at Accenture, Letzerich led process reengineering, PeopleSoft, and ecommerce engagements. It was his efforts that opened new markets and improved margin through definition and delivery of a new product line and platform that enabled end-to-end customer configuration and reduced implementation costs by 50%. Letzerich also played a key role in establishing and evangelizing new product strategy to move beyond traditional customer base into new wallets. Today, Letzerichspecialize in market strategy and requirements definition, product vision, branding, industry analyst relations, and establishing new technology products and platforms.

Quote: “Over the last two decades, Letzerich has held a wide variety of market-facing and product development roles in companies of all sizes, from startups to multibillion dollar organizations.”

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