Getting Rid of Security Industry Fat – Technology that does nothing for you

By Brittany Galli, Chief Success Officer, Mobohubb

We can all agree – due to the global pandemic, the world has changed. It acts differently, it works differently, and it produces differently. One thing that has not changed has been the ever growing regulatory and compliance reporting due. One thing the pandemic did in the US and other countries was highlight just how fragile our governments are and how dysfunction can hide itself in politics.

We’ve had a tumultuous couple of years and it shows. We’re not only seeing a huge market consolidation activity in the security industry but we’re seeing who really was running a business that could not only sustain change and pivot quickly while enduring operational flex.

The best way to think about TechinSec is a proactive vs. reactive technology methodology with products to back it up. We have these conversations every day with companies and ask them ‘What’s on your wishlist for security technology – what do you wish you had?’ – most of the time that answer is pretty dense.  We know incidents of any kind are necessary – but what are we learning from them? Did we do the rull root cause analysis? Did we put a bandaid on something reactively vs. looking for a holistic, global solution for what might happen somewhere else on a site or to our infrastructure?

There are currently two classifications to the security industry – cyber and physical or assets. Cyber is always more interesting because it’s highly tech minded and you have more companies competing for this technology and skill set – it just moves faster. It’s great to see we have AI and companies like ThousandEyes that are taking that proactive pulse in the cyber world but we need that in the physical world too! A product like mobohubb does the same – but from the security data and analytics perspective. The Goal being simple = get your data to work for you.

5 Key Steps to a Successful #TechinSec mindset:

  1. Identify + document how you’re doing it today
  2. Define the gap in:
    • C-Suite Reporting
    • Regulatory Compliance Reporting
    • Operational Decision Making Data for efficiencies
  3. Define your KPI’s – work backwards from what you can use for ‘preventative’ measures to put in place
  4. Get technology that can deliver – that can give you what you want and how you want to see it. Nothing labor intensive to set up – if it takes more than 1 hour to configure – it’s too complicated. Technology should not be hard. It should deliver results based on your needs.
  5. Plan for continuous improvement. It will not be perfect out of the gate – give yourself 6 months of data + analysis

Chief Security Officers, CIO’s and the like are now finally recognizing security as the necessary business vs. below the line activities. It’s refreshing and invigorating to be respected isn’t it? We’ve developed the business to think more security minded vs. bandage mentality. CISO’s and CIO’s are trending more towards sustainable technology options vs. the lowest price to fix the short term problem. They are finally looking at the details of the data and able to make quicker, better decisions vs. having to make reactive top-down changes. The security world has changed and for the better, now it’s up to us to take it to the next level – a global, sustainable, preventative security based mindset.

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