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IAM Solution Providers 2023

Uniken: Redefining Identity Verification
CMO - Joe Garber: Revolutionizing Messaging, Planning and Delivery to Scale Marketing
Callsign: Adding Trust to Digital Interactions
ForgeRock: Pioneering Digital Identity Management

Disaster Recovery Solution Providers 2023

Buffalo Computer Graphics: Engineering Superior Incident Management Solutions
Appranix: The Leader in Cloud Resilience
F24: The Comprehensive Crisis Management Solution
Xopero Software: Secure and Streamline Your Business Operations

GRC Compliance Providers 2023

Coalfire: The Most Advanced Compliance Automation Solution
BH Compliance: Streamlining Corporate Governance & Compliance
Compliance.ai: Transform the Way You Manage Compliance with Compliance.ai
Level Access: Transforming Digital Accessibility, Enabling Compliance

GRC Solution Providers 2023

AlertEnterprise: Building True Security Convergence
Cyturus: The Future of Cybersecurity Risk Management
DoControl: Enabling Visibility, Control, and Remediation
Pirani: Enabling the Democratization of Risk Management

Security Latin Solution Providers 2023

Arkose Labs: From Preventing Fraud to Defending Against Fraud
CySource: Delivering Challenge-Based Cybersecurity Education
Hillstone Network: Tackle the Cyberthreats of the Future

Canada Tech Solution Providers 2023

WhistleBlower Security: Enhancing GRC, Minimizing Risk!
Assent Compliance: Bridging Compliance with Automation
Qohash: CISOs are in the perfect storm – and legacy tools can’t help them
Rewind Software: A Unique Approach to SaaS Data Protection

KYC Solution Providers 2023

Inverid: Enabling User Friendly and Secure KYC through NFCGovernance
Evrotrust: An End-to-End Identity and Trust Solution
Frankieone: Enabling Secure Digital Onboarding
Incode: The Future of Identity Verification

Governance Solution Providers 2023

TMF Group: Making a Complex World Simple
Beyond Governance: Establishing a Sound Governance Structure
Diligent: Delivering Efficiency Across Audit Program
ModelOp: Enabling Faster and Powerful Model Governance

Risk Managment Solution Providers 2023

Oversight: Technology that is Changing the Financial Audit Function
Fusion Risk Management: Powering Resilient Operations with Fusion Risk Management
Ncontracts: An Integrated Risk and Compliance Management Solution
SambaSafety: Empowering Safety and Compliance for a Connected World

Multifactor Authentication Solution Providers

Futurae Technologies: The Customer-First Authentication Solution Compliance
Authentix: The Powerful Anti-Counterfeiting Solution
Identite: Enabling Simple and Secure Authentication
Rublon : The State-of-the-Art Multi-Factor Authentication

Fraud Management Innovators 2023

MANGOPAY and Nethone: United to provide Flexible and Powerful Fraud Management for marketplaces
Arkose Labs: Driving a New Era of Fraud Prevention
Cybellum: Marketing is Always a Challenge, But it can be So Rewarding
Signifyd: Stay Ahead of Fraud with Advanced Technology

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