Innovative Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions for an Evolving Landscape

By Trevor Horwitz, CISO and Founder, TrustNet

As a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance services, TrustNet stands committed to fortifying businesses against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. The recent announcement of two cutting-edge platforms, iTrust and GhostWatch, reinforces TrustNet’s dedication to providing game-changing compliance solutions. Let’s delve into the core offerings, strategies, and differentiators that position TrustNet as a trailblazer in the cybersecurity domain.

TrustNet acknowledges the daily advancements in technology that necessitate a constant evolution in cybersecurity and compliance strategies. The company recognizes that, even in 2024, some industries are hesitant to invest in these measures until they fall victim to cyber threats. TrustNet sees artificial intelligence (AI) not as a threat, but as a tool to adapt to the continuous expansion of technology and the cybersecurity space. The company embraces a three-A approach: Advisory, Automation, and Audits, as outlined in their press release documents.

Drawing from years of experience, TrustNet has continually evolved its service offerings. The introduction of GhostWatch and iTrust elevates their roster, providing comprehensive solutions that encompass advisory services, automation of critical processes, and robust audit capabilities. TrustNet’s commitment to reimagining possibilities is reflected in CEO Trevor Horwitz’s statement, emphasizing their relentless focus on impactful solutions. “We offer an all-in-one platform and managed security service for complete network security monitoring and intrusion detection. Our application, GhostWatch also synchronizes threat detection, incident response, and threat management for rapid remediation. Plus, its fully managed process integrates vulnerability management to detect potential exploits in your network, devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other assets,” explains Horwitz.

GhostWatch: Comprehensive Security and Compliance

GhostWatch from TrustNet is a managed services solution that expands into managed compliance services, responding to the challenges faced by organizations in tracking third-party compliance. It offers a myriad of unique selling propositions, including threat management, network security, vulnerability management, GRC and audit management in one, full-service compliance management, support for multiple compliance frameworks, seamless integration, and exceptional security features. Fast deployment, transparent pricing, and 24/7 monitoring enhance GhostWatch’s appeal, making it a proactive solution for managed security, risk management, and compliance.

The company’s iTrust emerges as an all-in-one self-service platform with essential risk management capabilities. Designed to track and monitor vendor regulatory compliance, iTrust leverages machine learning for predictive cyber risk ratings. Its features include TrustShield (intrusion detection), iScan (internal vulnerability management), xScan (external vulnerability management), TrustAgent (log management and file integrity monitoring), WebTrust (web application scanning), BreachScan (data leak detection), and HackerScan (monitoring underground hacker sites and the dark web). iTrust’s primary goals include providing a 360-degree view of cyber risks, year-round compliance monitoring, tracking breaches and remediation responses, and offering insights on vulnerabilities from hacker sites and the dark web.

Competitive Edge and Differentiators

In a landscape filled with competitors, TrustNet stands a mile ahead, propelled by several key differentiators:

Commitment to Excellence: With decades of experience, TrustNet assures an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive security and compliance services.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing: TrustNet’s pricing model is transparent and affordable, ensuring accessibility for businesses of all sizes.

Skilled Team of Experts: TrustNet boasts a team of experts dedicated to providing tailored solutions, ensuring the highest level of expertise.

Flexible Client Approach: Acknowledging the uniqueness of every business, TrustNet’s approach is adaptable to meet specific requirements and goals.

Delivering effective end-to-end solutions that encompass advisory, automation, and audits 

Through the addition of iTrust and GhostWatch, TrustNet hopes that customers and prospects will be able take advantage of these solutions partnered with TrustNet’s services for a holistic three-pronged approach focused on Advisory, Automation, and Audit. This integration ensures improved third-party security and compliance visibility, elevated monitoring, security and compliance for

their stakeholders, and stronger trust and relationships with their business partners and clients. “Innovation is not about predicting the future; it is about creating it. We are relentlessly focused on reimagining what is possible to deliver solutions that make a significant impact,” adds Horwitz.

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