Microsoft to alert enterprise security teams when nation-state attackers target their employees

Enterprise security software comes in many forms and flavors. Designed to shield businesses and end users, this software is meant to stop and remediate threats and keep confidential data from falling into the incorrect hands. Dave Cole, CEO and co-founder of Open Raven, a cloud native data protection platform, had this to mention on the highest ic: “Cloud data protection platforms are at the top of the list of the foremost in-demand enterprise software products immediately . The key drivers are the emerging data privacy regulations getting enforced with stiff penalties and therefore the non-stop stream of cloud data leaks, endless threat to the enterprise’s crown jewels, its data.”

Cole said modern data security must address the overwhelming velocity, variety, volume, and veracity of massive data today, which has largely moved to public cloud, so it’s critical to spot where your sensitive data is and apply monitoring and protection on all data stores across the enterprise multicloud.

Here are six possible solutions we’ve put together for your organization to think about .


Trulioo is a global biometric identification company. It delivers trust, privacy, and safety online through scalable and holistic biometric identification .Trulioo provides organizations with secure access to GlobalGateway, the world’s largest marketplace of reliable and independent data sources, to assist meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, reduce the danger of fraud, and increase trust and safety online.

EmbedID, designed to assist businesses detect fraud by applying a layered, risk-based approach during the account creation process. With EmbedID, businesses have the power to quickly and simply customize their biometric identification and document verification workflows to satisfy specific business requirements and use cases. BeyondTrust offers a universal privilege management approach intended to secure users, assets, and sessions. It works either via Software as a Service (SAAS) or are often implemented on-premises.

The software has the potential to form access to privileged accounts only available when needed, to tie the access to other criteria like approved change/maintenance windows or service tickets and to allow role-based access to work out available privileges supported what responsibilities a user is trying to satisfy . Cost is $35 per month. Cyber Forza offers an array of enterprise security software options covering threat management, risk management, core platforms, edge platforms, and endpoint clients, including Hawk-Eye Cyber Defense.

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