How is Enterprise Security Like Writing a Novel?

Pen, paper and ink alone don’t make a completely unique .within the same way, anti-malware, firewalls and SIEM tools alone don’t make an enterprise secure. Too many organizations think that purchasing many security solutions and deploying them will make them secure. However, just having a security tool running doesn’t make an enterprise secure. Let’s take a glance beyond tools to the way security teams can take a more holistic approach.

Why Enterprise Security Tools Aren’t Enough

Having some quite digital defense is best than having nothing, and most security solution providers have some very sensible vanilla set-up solutions. However, these security systems are nothing quite tools, usually focused only on a narrow segment of the risks an enterprise faces. Those tools can’t work alone. Their makers do know this: over the years most of them became excellent at producing data feeds which will be fed into SIEM and other tools in an effort to weld different views together to identify more subtle sorts of attack.

Even this approach is wrong .for instance , I even have circuit breakers in my house to guard my family from an electrical fault; however, if I ignore a frayed or worn-out cable, there’s still a high risk of injury . I cannot just assume the security measures will protect me from all ills. within the world of enterprise security, using software that’s past its end-of-life date and not capable of being patched generates huge risks for the business.

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