Revolutionizing GRC: The Triad of AI, Cyber-Physical Security and Operational Technology

By Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO, AlertEnterprise

Leading the charge of digital transformation and security convergence is Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise, Inc. An accomplished engineer by trade, Gill is driving the long-overdue digital transformation of the physical security industry.

Prior to launching AlertEnterprise, Gill was the founder and CEO of Virsa Systems, where he grew the company into a global leader of application security software. An early pioneer in establishing governance, risk and compliance as a software market segment, he drove exponential growth at Virsa, facilitating its acquisition by SAP in 2006.

In his free time, Jasvir helps drive social and economic empowerment in the community. He’s also a trustee at the American India Foundation.

The Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) landscape is undergoing a major transformation. Going beyond the realm of policy frameworks, checklists and audits, GRC is embracing technological advances to enhance processes, data collection, compliance and collaboration. Key among these innovations is the incorporation of AI-based technologies such as generative AI, natural language processing (NLP) models and AI chatbots. Together, these tools form a pivotal triad with cyber, physical security and operational technology (OT), creating a three-dimensional approach to GRC.

Improved decision-making with generative AI

Generative AI is changing the way we approach risk assessment and decision-making in GRC. By harnessing the power of vast datasets, generative AI models can simulate various potential scenarios, leading to more comprehensive—and more precise—risk modeling and forecasting. For instance, by factoring in cyber threat intelligence, security posture and compliance metrics, these models can predict potential future vulnerabilities, offering GRC professionals a proactive tool to manage uncertainties.

Moreover, generative AI provides a dynamic alternative to static compliance matrices. As regulatory landscapes change and evolve, generative AI can auto-update GRC requirements, ensuring companies remain compliant, thereby reducing the chances of punitive actions.

Transforming engagement with NLP models and chatbots

GRC isn’t just about rules and frameworks—it’s about people, support and engagement. Historically, the GRC industry faced challenges in making its content easily digestible for those who weren’t well versed in it. Then came NLP and AI chatbots.

NLP models process human language, enabling GRC tools to offer more user-friendly interactions. This means that complex regulatory terminologies can be translated into plain language, facilitating a broader understanding across organizational hierarchies.

Furthermore, AI chatbots offer a round-the-clock interface for compliance queries. Imagine a manager wanting to understand the implications of a new data protection regulation on their specific division. Instead of navigating bulky policy documents, they could engage with an AI chatbot to get quick and precise answers in real-time and swiftly make informed decisions.

The integral triad: Cyber, physical security and OT

While AI technologies are crucial, they are best harnessed within a three-dimensional GRC framework that includes cyber, physical security and OT.

Cyber: With increasing cyber threats, it’s vital for GRC platforms to integrate advanced threat intelligence and incident response mechanisms. Integrating AI tools within the cyber layer can lead to smarter anomaly detection, quicker threat response and proactive vulnerability management. This not only secures the digital assets but also ensures that regulatory compliance linked to data protection and breach disclosures is maintained.

Physical Security: AI can aid in enhancing physical security measures too. Think streamlined badging, smart and actionable access data, and greater control over who goes where—and when—with security automation. Physical security is a foundational pillar ensuring the real-world implementation of GRC policies.

Operational Technology (OT): As industries lean heavily on automation and smart technologies, securing OT becomes crucial. Integrating AI within OT can help monitor machine behavior, ensuring that automated processes align with GRC requirements. For industries like manufacturing or utilities, where OT plays a pivotal role, AI can be a watchdog ensuring operations not only deliver efficiency but also remain within the compliance boundaries.

What’s next?

The new era of GRC isn’t about replacing human expertise with machines. Instead, it’s about augmenting the human capacity to understand, manage and act on governance, risk and compliance in a way we’ve never done before. The fusion of generative AI, NLP models and AI chatbots within a three-dimensional framework encompassing cyber, physical security and OT is a testament to the future of GRC—dynamic, responsive and robust. As we tread into this new paradigm, it’s essential for GRC professionals to embrace these technologies, ensuring they remain at the forefront of safeguarding organizational integrity in a rapidly evolving world.

That’s where AlertEnterprise comes in. AlertEnterprise is leading a GRC transformation with the only platform that delivers a three-dimensional approach to unifying IT, OT and physical security—creating one converged solution for secure, compliant, cost-saving and friction-free Total Workforce Management and Access. Their AI-powered solutions deliver a safer hire-to-retire journey and empower organizations to automate, secure and proactively manage the Total Workforce experience with compliance, safety and data privacy built in.

And there’s no rip and replace required. The AlertEnterprise platform enables customers to leverage their current investments in IT and physical security, such as SAP, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Workday, HID, Wavelynx, LenelS2, Safetrust and 200+ more out-of-the-box connectors.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how you too can effectively kickstart your GRC evolution—contact AlertEnterprise to get started today.

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