Consolidating the Crypto Trend

While a human life can take up many different meanings over time, it remains a lot about finding a way through all circumstances. You see, what we have is nothing less than a puzzle, so it’s pretty much our responsibility to solve this puzzle and crystallize the given picture as much as possible. Having said that, we must acknowledge how doing so is difficult beyond every pre-conceived notion. Hence, to make the task a wee bit easier, we would enlist the help of some external tools. Each tool that we bring in will end up having a unique impact, but it won’t matter once technology arrives on the scene. After all, technology’s attempt at monopolizing the landscape was ingenious enough to put every other tool within its shadow. Turbo-charged by a generational concept, the world was suddenly in a position where it had the answer for every possible question. However, as we start solving the stated puzzle, new problems will soon appear on the horizon.  Notably, these were far more complex than what we were dealing with before, thus prompting us to up our game. The world’s response, in turn, would involve a massive technological advancement, and if we are to contextualize this response through an example, we can look at once recent partnership.

Cross River, a US provider of core infrastructure and embedded financial technology, has officially entered into a partnership with Chainalysis. According to certain reports, the partnership is focused on improving the former’s cryptocurrency services, while also taking care of the compliance posture. When that’s the primary objective, there are few better partners to have in your corner than Chainalysis. The reputed blockchain data platforms will look to complement Cross River’s ability of serving different segments, including banking and payment solutions, NFT marketplaces, and dedicated wallet operations etc. As per certain reports, it will do so by providing assistance in the form of Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction), the real-time transaction monitoring solution for compliance professionals; Chainalysis Reactor, the company’s investigations software; and Chainalysis Kryptos, risk management software for financial institutions.

“Our business was founded on the belief that financial institutions would be integral to the overall growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Cross River has created a new standard for banking services and compliance strategies for those hoping to enable cryptocurrency companies,” said Jonathan Levin, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Chainalysis. “We’re thrilled to partner with such an innovative financial services organization and look forward to enabling the further adoption of cryptocurrency, safely.”

At present, we don’t know the timeline it will take for this partnership to deliver the promised result, but as crypto craze continues to reach new heights every day, the whole operation can very well prove to be a pivotal un

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