Helping the Federal Space Navigate the Uncertain Grounds of Technology

SMART Technologies, leading innovator in interactive technology, has officially announced the launch of a new, TAA-compliant M Pro Series interactive display, which happens to be a state-of-the-art panel designed to meet the stringent requirements of the TAA (Trade Agreement Act). Not just that, the stated panel also has at its disposal a High Secure version that makes it ideal for use in US federal, state and local government, and corporate offices. More on the High Secure version would reveal how it incorporates key security features to ensure maximum information privacy. This can be better understood once you consider that the technology in question is currently the only TAA-compliant interactive display capable of offering benefits attached to embedded computing. Talk about the M Pro technology on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the TAA Compliance aspect of it where the panel makes a point to comply with all necessary requirements for government procurement. Making such an aspect even more important would be the fact that M Pro is manufactured within North America itself and it can be purchased through major government contracts. Next up, we must get into the panel’s high resolution, which offers a crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD resolution to put together a wholly immersive experience for users.

Joining the same is an advanced and SMART’s proprietary touch technology. This particular technology comes decked up with an ability to enable precise and responsive touch interactions, as well as gestures. Such a setup, like one might guess, goes a long distance to support collaborative workspaces and training rooms. Almost like an extension of that, the new display also brings to the fore a user-friendly interface where all the operations are dramatically simplified to make the proposition accessible for users with different levels of technical knowhow. Rounding up highlights would be the promise of enhanced security. Here, the device basically packs together advanced security features, while simultaneously removing the integrated mic-array for enhanced privacy.

“Federal government IT/AV buyers are often caught in a frustrating balancing act,” said Nicholas Svensson, CEO of SMART Technologies. “They grapple with the anxiety of meeting strict compliance and security standards, the pressure of tight budgets, and the complexity of integrating new technologies. It’s a constant struggle to find reliable, scalable, and future-proof solutions. The SMART Board M Pro Series isn’t just another piece of technology; it’s designed to meet these needs and evolve with the organizations and people working with them.”

The M Pro series will go on display at the InfoComm 2024, along with SMART’s full lineup of innovative interactive displays that are all designed to support collaboration in business settings, including industries where visual collaboration is a necessity. These industries include architecture, engineering, construction, and design firms etc. All these other displays, on their part, will represent the company’s GX Series, MX Pro Series, and the QX Pro Series.

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