anecdotes Secures $25 million in Series A; Plans on Ushering Compliance into a New Era

No matter much we try, human beings can never have an isolated interaction with any situation. Even the smallest of our actions are designed to leave some ripple effects. Now, these ripple effects may or may not appear directly around the concerned area, but the point is their presence remains largely inevitable. Such a dynamic is pretty harmless until it’s not. You see, humans aren’t always functioning within a positive environment. We do have a history of making or witnessing questionable calls, and when that’s your reality, it will naturally lead you to some devastating consequences. Nevertheless, to mitigate the risk posed by these consequences, the world will introduce dedicated regulatory bodies. Having clear regulatory frameworks across the board turned out to be a game-changer, as we embarked upon a journey that made us more accountable, and consequentially, more organized than ever before. While the impact was undeniable, the new setup did create some notable issues. For instance, many people would complain about how the established rules were overly complex, therefore tough to follow. This issue will end up becoming regulatory industry’s biggest adversary. Fortunately, though, the wheels began to move once again after technology emerged on the surface. Finding the right application of it was surely laborious in every imaginable sense, but by looking at anecdotes’ latest funding, we can safely say that the world is finally headed in the right direction.

anecdotes, a compliance operating system platform, has secured funding worth $25 million in a recently-concluded Series A round. Led by Red Dot Capital Partners, the round saw further participation from the likes of Vintage Investment Partners, Shasta Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners and Aleph, Barak Salomon. As a part of the agreed terms, Atad Peled from Red Dot is also poised to join anecdotes’ board of directors. If we shed some on light on how anecdotes is moving the needle, we’ll see that the San Francisco-based startup actually boasts great excellence in collecting and mapping data from various sources, including WS, Snowflake, Cloudflare, GitHub, Datadog and more. Once the data is collected, the platform then leverages it to power applications for fulfilling compliance obligations. These obligations revolve largely around procedures of audit management, risk analysis, policies and customer evidence. You know, what’s even better? anecdotes provides you with tailor-made controls and frameworks, therefore giving you the ultimate power to not only address a given need, but also scale up your compliance efforts over time.

“Getting through one audit once a year is one thing, but there remains a huge market gap in addressing needs beyond that for fast-growing companies with super complex and forever-evolving infrastructures on a regular basis. This is why anecdotes and its compliance OS system are so critical and directly primed for rapid growth,” said Atad Peled, principal at Red Dot Capital Partners.

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