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Top 10 Disaster Recovery Solution Providers 2023

Appranix: The Leader in Cloud Resilience

As technology advances and the cloud computing landscape evolves, several trends have emerged in the realm of cloud resilience. Unlike traditional applications, cloud applications are distributed, auto-scaled, and dynamic as the cloud environments go through changes frequently. Moreover, the complexity of the hyperscale platforms introduces challenges to cloud operations teams to recover from ransomware Read More…

F24: The Comprehensive Crisis Management Solution

The past years have presented a challenging business landscape characterized by geopolitical instabilities, disrupted supply chains, inflation or the climate crisis. And with the increasing reliance on digital technologies, cyber threats have become a major concern for companies. Cyber-attacks, data breaches, and ransomware incidents pose significant risks to corporate assets, sensitive information, and Read More…

Xopero Software: Secure and Streamline Your Business Operations

Today, disaster recovery planning is crucial for any business, especially those operating either partially or entirely in the cloud. Disasters that interrupt service and cause data loss can happen anytime without warning network could have an outage, a critical bug could get released, or a business might have to weather a natural disaster. Organizations with robust and well-tested disaster recovery strategies can Read More…