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Building True Security Convergence

Top 10 GRC Solution Providers 2023

Cyturus: The Future of Cybersecurity Risk Management

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is a core framework that any organization must follow to manage its business operations including IT operations that are subject to compliance regulations. Every business or organization needs a GRC strategy. Consider GRC as the glue that binds your business objectives and helps you comply with company policies or regulations while mitigating Read More…

DoControl: Enabling Visibility, Control, and Remediation

Data is generated in high volume, across a wide range of applications; and current approaches are very much decentralized and fragmented. Organizations need to be able to discover, understand and protect sensitive data within their business-critical applications. This is in addition to the fact that data protection has been an established market for some time, but protecting data in cloud and SaaS environments is a Read More…

Pirani: Enabling the Democratization of Risk Management

Cyber risk is increasing due to several factors in today's interconnected and digitized world. The role of managing cyber risks has become crucial for organizations to protect their data, systems, and operations. Governments and regulatory bodies worldwide are placing greater emphasis on cybersecurity and data protection. They are enacting stricter regulations and standards to ensure organizations implement Read More…